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Publish Date : 6/17/2022 11:46:51 PM
The IAEA is fully aware of Iran's actions in the Natanz complex


The IAEA is fully aware of Iran's actions in the Natanz complex

Following last year's terrorist operation against the centrifuge complex at the TESA plant in Karaj, it was decided to intensify protection and security measures around the facility to prevent the continuation of atrocities against the nuclear facility.

NOURNEWS - Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said in a conversation with "Nournews" in response to some Western media outlets about Iran's development activities around the Natanz site: “ Although Iran has no obligation to provide outsourced information, it has notified the IAEA since the start of construction work to relocate the Karaj TESA plant around the Natanz site.”

He added: “This transfer is aimed at increasing the protection factor of our country's peaceful nuclear facilities and will be done with the notification of the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Kamalvandi said: “Considering the full transparency of our country's actions, there is no doubt that the atmosphere created by the media affiliated with the Zionist current will not lead to ambiguity and political abuses.”

The New York Times reported today that Iran was digging an extensive network of tunnels south of the Natanz nuclear site.

The report claims that Iran is building facilities deep in the mountains to withstand bombings, cyber and electronic warfare attacks.

The New York Times has published this report in an attempt to portray construction activities in Natanz as covert and threatening.

Referring to the terrorist operation that took place last year against the TESA centrifuge factory in Karaj, Kamalvandi added: “Due to the continuing atrocities against nuclear facilities, it was decided to intensify security measures, especially in sensitive facilities including centrifuge production in order to increase their protection and security factor.”

“The IAEA has been fully aware of these changes,” he said: “The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has failed to carry out its safeguards duties to such an extent that it has not even taken action to condemn terrorist acts against our country's facilities.”

Kamalvandi added: “While the Islamic Republic of Iran has no safeguard commitment to announce activities aimed at increasing the passive defense capabilities of nuclear facilities and establishing underground workshops to transfer some of the activities to new locations, but the IAEA has been notified about all these measures that will continue.”


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