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Discovery of 53 mass graves of Native Americans and unheard messages!

Discovery of 53 mass graves of Native Americans and unheard messages!

A look at the history of "racial discrimination" in the West shows that this political and social thinking was institutionalized in Western governments and continues to this day.

NOURNEWS - United States Secretary of the Interior, Debra Anne Haaland has announced the discovery of mass graves in 53 Native American boarding schools. The Dutch statement regarding the discovery of these mass graves explicitly confirms the systematic nature of these historical crimes.

Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Bryan Newland also said the boarding school system was part of a two-pronged US policy to expropriate Indigenous people from their lands and force them to adapt to the conditions imposed on immigrants.

According to historical records, there were 408 federal boarding schools in 37 US states. Of these, 21 schools are located in Alaska and 7 schools in Hawaii, where most Native children are cared for Native American languages ​​are banned in federal boarding schools, forcing whites to behave.

Earlier, the discovery of mass graves of Indigenous people in Canada had led to protests by civil society organizations around the world. More than 1,200 graves have been discovered in Canada so far this year.

A group of Indigenous Canadians have announced that, according to initial investigations, 93 possible mass graves have been discovered around the site of a church-run boarding school in British Columbia.

The discovery of mass graves of Indigenous children is reminiscent of a dark chapter in Canadian history, during which the government separated children from their families and sent them to boarding schools affiliated with the Catholic Church.

Numerous reports have been published about the abuse of these children, and available evidence indicates that students at these schools have been exposed to measles, tuberculosis, and influenza.

At first glance, it may seem that the anti-racist behavior of Western governments has been merely historical facts related to the past, but a look at the way these governments treat other nations in the present shows that "racism" is the product of a kind of political and social thought in the West, considers himself superior to other nations.

The use of all capacities by the United States and Canada to weaken the real owners of the land that European immigrants have usurped and even allowed the abuse of the church in this way shows that this behavior is not only a political approach, but also has philosophical roots. This is something that can be seen in the minds of many of the elites of the modern West, such as Dogobino and Chamberlain. Thoughts that can be seen after the Ukraine war and the Western media's treatment of non-Ukrainian immigrants.

Although these governments have relinquished pressure on the Native Americans by completely dominating and destroying the social order, their racist attitudes toward Asians, Muslims, Eastern Europeans, and immigrants remain.

The use of unilateral and inhumane sanctions against other nations, anti-racial clashes and the making of human rights claims against nations are part of the West's anti-racial behavior in the contemporary world.

Interestingly, the West justifies its racist intentions under the pretext of human rights. However, not only has Western behavior since the racist era against Native Americans changed dramatically, but it has also been armed with new weapons such as "human rights" and "sanctions."

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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