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Publish Date : 5/15/2022 10:58:15 AM
What is the US goal in creating stalemate situation in the Ukraine crisis?


What is the US goal in creating stalemate situation in the Ukraine crisis?

Involving Russia and Ukraine in a war of attrition that at least results in Moscow failing as well as Kiyv not losing is a key US strategy in the Ukraine war.

NOURNEWS - The Ukraine crisis remains one of the main current crises in the international system. Many believe that this war is the most important military and strategic development after World War II.

The political, security, and especially economic implications of this war also largely support this hypothesis.

Russia and Ukraine together provided half of the world's wheat and at least 30 percent of the world's corn, and the war between the two countries has led to a serious food crisis in the world.

In their political commentary, all countries of the world emphasize the need to end this crisis through dialogue and peaceful solutions, but there is a significant difference between the words and actions of some of the main actors in this crisis, especially the United States and European countries.

Due to the duality of behavior and speech of these countries, political efforts and diplomatic consultations to end this war have not been fruitful so far.

From the beginning of this crisis, the United States has been trying to prevent the end of the war, at least in the short term, with its calculated assistance. The main reason for adopting this strategy is to keep Russia involved in the war and to increase Europe's dependence on Washington.

The Americans' repeated predictions about the length of the war are in fact an attempt to produce literature to fit Washington's strategy into the Ukraine crisis.

The director of US national intelligence, Avril Haines stressed the need to prolong the war at a recent US Senate hearing on the prospects of the Ukraine war.

President Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have previously stated this.

The $ 40 billion package proposed by the US President to Ukraine, which was approved by an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives, is one of the puzzle pieces of this program. A Pentagon spokesman also said that 5,500 Javelin and 1,500 Stinger missiles had arrived in Ukraine.

Other US allies have taken a similar approach to the Ukraine war. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has previously visited Ukraine, has also traveled to Finland and Sweden to advise Ukraine on NATO membership.

The pursuit of this issue by London, which was essentially the cause of the Ukraine war, is certainly an important factor in intensifying the war between Russia and the United States, and recent consultations will intensify it.

Although the Ukraine crisis has imposed severe economic hardships on Europe, German and French officials have also called for sanctions and action against Russia and further arming of Ukraine because of its location on the US-created playground.

The Polish government has announced in recent days that more than $ 6 billion in aid, mostly military aid, has been raised during an international conference of Ukrainian supporters.

The NATO Secretary General also stressed that the coalition is ready to support Ukraine in the war against Russia for years.

A look at the positions of Western governments, the officials who have traveled to Ukraine, the positions of the G7, and NATO officials shows that the West does not see diplomacy as essentially a solution to the conflict.

The focus of all Western statements is defeating Putin, imposing sanctions on Russia, and sending military weapons to Ukraine, neither of which can be the basis for advancing a diplomatic solution for the two countries.

However, the West, led by the United States, is currently the biggest obstacle to a diplomatic solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and continuing to pursue this approach will lead to the fulfillment of the US desire to form a stalemate situation in the Ukraine crisis.

The head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt Gen Scott Berrier, recently stated that the Russians aren't winning and the Ukrainians aren't winning and we're at a bit of a stalemate here.

This situation, which is eroding the two sides and engaging the Europeans in the economic crisis, is a goal that Washington is helping to continue the war and prevent the formation of compromise through political means.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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