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Strategic goals of the Chinese Defense Minister's visit to Tehran

Strategic goals of the Chinese Defense Minister's visit to Tehran

Emphasizing the direct connection between the Chinese Defense Minister's visit to the implementation of the 25-year-old joint roadmap between Iran and China and trying to induce the erroneous statement that this roadmap is of a military nature is one of the psychological tricks in the main focus of Western media.

NOURNEWS - The Minister of Defense of the People's Republic of China, General Wei Fenghe, arrived in Tehran on Wednesday morning to hold talks with the officials of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In examining the dimensions of this important trip, it is important to pay attention to the goals pursued by the two countries in the development of military and defense cooperation.
Iran and China, as two regional powers, have significant indigenous defense capabilities, and the increase in the development of this capability can be an important component in pursuing the defense goals of the two countries.
According to UN Security Council Resolution 2231, the arms embargo on Iran has been lifted since October 2020, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country with significant indigenous capabilities in the design and construction of defense and military weapons, can purchase without obstacles in the process, following arms sales with different countries.
Given the history of defense and armaments cooperation between Iran and China and the desire of the two countries to revive the past trend, the establishment of new relations in this sector is one of the important priorities of the defense sector.
In this regard, due to the wide-ranging political and security developments that have taken place in the Persian Gulf region in recent years, especially the expulsion of the American occupiers from Afghanistan, new needs have arisen in Iran's security environment. It has made a military like Chinese inevitable in the context of common goals and interests.
The series of political, security, and military events after the US expulsion from the region show the fact that Washington, with the participation of Britain, seeks to establish new military relations in the region, the main focus of which is to contain independent countries and offer a new role to the evil Zionist regime.
The political and military developments in Ukraine, which have become an unprecedented international crisis since World War II with the indirect entry of the United States and the West into the military confrontation with Russia, are also a very important issue whose direct and indirect effects are security relations and equations in the region. It will affect Central Asia is one of the most important issues that must be addressed from now on to manage its possible effects.
Given Iran's consistent strategy of pursuing active security and defense diplomacy with its neighbors and regional powers, increasing defense interactions with China can be a precautionary measure against foreign intervention in the region while enhancing the two countries' common understanding of regional developments and increasing synergy.
In this regard, especially since the inauguration of the 13th administration with the activation of Iran's defense diplomacy and the development of relations with countries in the region, new measures have been defined to reach new defense agreements and create military integration based on regional military and security capabilities.
The visit of General Bagheri, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, to Pakistan and Russia and the ongoing consultations at various levels of defense and security with Iraq, Turkey, Syria, etc. can also be evaluated in this context.
The Chinese Defense Minister's visit to Tehran also plays a decisive role in completing the mentioned strategy as an important step in this direction.
This approach is based solely on the development of defense and security relations with China, Russia, or the Resistance Front, contrary to the claims of the West which is trying to prevent the formation of a defense front against Western influence, especially the US, in the region. But Iran, by presenting the "Hormoz Peace Initiative" plan, had long ago announced its readiness and interest in cooperating with its Arab neighbors in the southern part of the Persian Gulf.
The point is that; Although today the first principle in relations between countries is cooperation in the political and economic spheres, but these interactions without the provision of a secure security environment, basically either do not take shape or will not have reliable stability.
During the years of presence of the occupiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, due to their critical approach, favorable economic interactions between neighbors were not practically formed.
Another point that needs to be considered about the Chinese Defense Minister's visit to Tehran and, of course, the approach of other countries to the development of defense relations with the Islamic Republic is the false claim of Iran's isolation that the West, especially the United States, seeks to induce.
Iran's defense cooperation with major military powers such as China and Russia shows that the United States has failed to pursue a unilateral policy of circumventing Security Council resolutions and pursuing a policy of maximum sanctions and pressure, and has failed to impose its will on independent states.
The comprehensive efforts of the Western media to divert public opinion from the real goals and approaches of the Chinese Defense Minister's visit to Iran and the deliberate lies to provoke public opinion at home should also be considered in this context.
Emphasizing the direct connection of this trip to the implementation of the 25-year joint cooperation roadmap between Iran and China and trying to induce the false statement that this roadmap is of a military nature is one of the psychological tricks that has become the main focus of Western media information in this regard.
Meanwhile, the roadmap for 25-year cooperation between Iran and China has a completely economic and trade content, and according to it, various agreements between the two countries should be prepared and signed and implemented after the legal process.
Certainly, the continuation of the unrealistic atmosphere of the Western media, which in the past made ridiculous claims claiming the transfer of Kish to the Chinese for the establishment of a military base and the like, could not affect the will of the two countries to realize extensive capacities of cooperation in political and economic dimensions, and being effective in trade and defense, and the smart process that has begun in recent months, especially after Iran's permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, will continue with double seriousness and determination.
BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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