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Publish Date : 4/17/2022 1:27:25 PM
Dangerous Western gambling in Ukraine


Dangerous Western gambling in Ukraine

The failure of the Russia-Ukraine talks to become a show to hide the West's dangerous intentions in the Ukraine crisis, due to the West's long-term strategy to defeat Russia in the political, economic, military, and media fields, cannot be a strange and incomprehensible issue.

NOURNEWS - From the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, many strategic experts have sought to answer the question of whether the West has the will to end the war in Ukraine.

The answer to this question can shed light on many of the hidden angles in the formation and culmination of this crisis, which should be described as a unique international event after World War II.

Regardless of the factors that caused this crisis and the role and influence of the main actors (Russia and the West) in it, one of the issues that many military and strategic experts emphasize today is that the entry of the Russian Federation into this war, It has not been accompanied by accurate estimates of Ukraine's strengths and weaknesses, the West's support for Kyiv, and the extent of the political, economic, and media pressures it faces.

There are several propositions that can support this hypothesis, but it is beyond the scope of this article.

In addition to the developments in the Ukraine crisis, one of the main approaches that the parties to the conflict, especially the West, have emphasized since the beginning of this event has been the need for the parties to be present at the negotiating table to reach a mutually acceptable solution and end the war.

So far, several rounds of talks have been held between the representatives of Russia and Ukraine, and despite the extensive propaganda that has taken place about the axes of dialogue between the parties and the differences and areas of understanding, etc., it can be said that no progress has been made in the talks.

The lack of progress in the negotiations and the transformation of the Ukraine crisis into a matter of prestige for Russia, as well as the significant acceleration of Western financial, political, military, intelligence and media support for Ukraine, have darkened the prospects for reaching an agreement through negotiations. The scope of military conflicts will increase significantly.

The Western propaganda against Russia and the ongoing efforts to increase economic pressure on the country using sanctions, as well as Ukraine's record-breaking equipping with state-of-the-art military weapons, are all clear evidence of the West's strategy of turning Ukraine into a deadly quagmire for Russia to create the conditions for the West to play a more active role on the world stage, especially in the Eastern Hemisphere, by removing it from the list of major players on the international stage.

In such circumstances, the failure to advance the negotiations and turn it into a dramatic process to hide the dangerous intentions of the West in the Ukraine crisis, cannot be a strange and incomprehensible issue.

Russia's recent warning to Washington about the "unpredictable consequences" of massive US and NATO military aid to Ukraine, which enters the country mainly through Poland's border with Ukraine, is a worrying sign of Russia's growing sensitivity to the complex and, of course, very dangerous game that the West has started in crisis in Ukraine.

Although it is not yet possible to give an accurate estimate of the future of the field and political developments in Ukraine, given the set of events that have taken place since the beginning of the conflict, we can confidently emphasize the West's lack of will to end the crisis in the short term.

Certainly, a change in Western strategy, the continuation of which will be accompanied by the destruction of Ukraine's main infrastructure and the killing and wounding of forces on both sides of the conflict and the displacement of tens of thousands, depends entirely on Russia's success in managing the crisis politically, economically, militarily and It is a medium.

If Russia's set of national and international capacities has the necessary flexibility to overcome the Ukraine crisis, then new equations will prevail in the international system that can certainly not meet the goals that the West is achieving, by sacrificing Ukraine and its people.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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