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Publish Date : 1/14/2022 7:27:18 AM
New American game for scoring in Vienna


New American game for scoring in Vienna

Over the past week, all parties in the Vienna talks have reported on the relative progress of the talks.

NOURNEWS - 110 members of the US Congress have signed a letter asking President Joe Biden to leave the negotiating table because of what they called the fruitlessness of the talks in Vienna.

The letter was prepared by Michael McCall, a senior member of the US House of Representatives, and was signed by 109 other lawmakers.

The preparation and publication of this letter, in the context of the fact that all parties to the Vienna talks have announced the relative progress of the talks over the past week, announces the new US game for concessions using political and media pressure.

From the beginning of the new round of talks, the Western governments, especially the United States, have tried to impose their political will on Iran by putting psychological pressure on the Iranian negotiating team while avoiding accepting their responsibilities and obligations.

This threadbare method was also used by the United States during the negotiations leading up to the signing of the BRICS agreement.

Unfortunately, many of the weaknesses of JCPOA, which have caused many problems for our country, have been due to the influence of the negotiators from the US psychological pressures and the haste in signing the JCPOA agreement.

Although the Western side of the US-led negotiating table in Vienna is trying to circumvent the burden of accepting minimum commitments by passing initiatives offered by Iran to provide guarantees and establish workable mechanisms for verifying the lifting of sanctions, the Republic is definitely Islamic Iran will not deviate from its legal and logical positions under any circumstances.

Assuming that the US House of Representatives accepts the pressure of the US House of Representatives to accept the fact that such cases have nothing to do with the other parties to the negotiations and is considered an internal US problem.

If the US President does not have enough power and authority to manage the political elements of this country to reach an agreement, he should not have entered into this process at all. The country does not have the authority and capacity to fulfill its obligations, and this calls into question the principle of negotiating an agreement.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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