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Iran's new negotiating style

Iran's new negotiating style

In the eighth round of talks, in addition to shaping relative progress, the Western side is currently on the track set by Iran.

NOURNEWS - Most of the news published by the Western media about the eighth round of talks between Iran and the P4+1 in Vienna has a positive theme and expresses hope for the forward trend of the talks.

This way of reporting by the Western media is completely contrary to their approach in the previous round of negotiations and can be said to follow a new policy.

News received by Nournews from sources close to the negotiating team indicates that the literature of Western negotiators, which in the previous round was more based on pressure and even threats, has changed and softened to a great extent.

Assessing the negotiating arrangement and the Western media, before and after the start of the negotiations, shows that the adoption of the sinusoidal approach is rooted in the pursuit of a planned model for the passivity of the Iranian negotiators.

With the establishment of the 13th government, the Iranian negotiating team underwent a change, and this event was quite predictable for the West.

Accordingly, the Western side tried from the beginning to intimidate the new team and to designate pressure from inside and outside to pass the process of passivity of the Iranian negotiators.

On one hand; they were supposed to activate the "hammer of social pressure" by conditioning the internal atmosphere of the country on the negotiations by inducing directional news, and on the other hand, by announcing the negotiations in vain due to the Iranian team's extravagance and the publication of negative news in this section, prepare "domestic anvil claims".

The ultimate goal of these measures was to weaken the will of the negotiating team in the course of a decisive struggle for the realization of the rights of the nation, which has not been fruitful so far.

This approach has changed because the Iranian team, which was present in the negotiations with a plan and quite purposeful, not only did not become passive, but also continued its calculated method, while explaining the real atmosphere of the negotiations and rational management of the media space inside the country, has prevented the public space of society from being conditioned.

The first real fruit of the resistance and inaction of the Iranian negotiators was the addition of new Iranian views to the June 6 text and the basis for the "new text" to continue the negotiations.

To describe precisely; Despite all the pressures and ongoing psychological operations, the Iranian negotiating team managed the negotiations step by step based on the set goals and changed the situation in such a way that the Western parties realized that not only did they fail to passivate the Iranian team, but also they have been accused of disrupting negotiations and wasting time because of the inverted appearance of the outcome of the negotiations.

According to this; The eighth round of talks should be called the "unveiling of the effectiveness of Iran's new negotiation method" because, in addition to the relative progress in the talks, the Western side is currently on the negotiating table set by Iran and has realized the possibility of using extra-negotiation tools to enter there is no pressure on the Iranian team.

The ineffectiveness of behaviors outside the framework of the correct logic of negotiations by Westerners has so far confronted them with the fact that the outcome of negotiations will be determined only behind the negotiating table and by discussing the mutual rights and obligations of the parties and therefore have no choice but to change behavior.

Nevertheless; The West is still trying to retain its previous tabs by shifting the role of its actors so that it can use them at its targets if necessary, in this approach, new German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in her meeting with Antony Blinken on Wednesday said: ” Iran had lost a lot of trust during the nuclear talks.”

Of course, Baerbock, who played the role same as former France’s role in the game of sabotaging the negotiations a few weeks ago, must be aware of the consequences of this issue and learn from the disaster that befell France in Iranian public opinion.

Such behaviors will definitely be recorded in the historical memory of the Iranian people, and its credit damage to Germany may not be easily compensated.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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