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Publish Date : 12/18/2021 2:25:59 AM
Negotiations, distortion line and a few tips


Negotiations, distortion line and a few tips

Economic boom is not merely depending on the lifting of sanctions that depend on the efficiency, national unity in removing the shortcomings and the realization of regional diplomacy. This is the fact that the West is looking to show upside down.

NOURNEWS - Negotiations between Iran and the 1 + 4 group to abolish sanctions in Vienna while the majority of the western side is the "distortion" line, to use the Iranian team concentration in negotiations and scoring for more effort in Iran's space. Slow down.

In this framework, evolution is observed that their real narrative is remarkable to remove the Western curtains.

First; Iran from the beginning with goodbye and efforts to achieve a favorable agreement, while using expert experts, put several suggested packages on the table, which, if the West really seeks to agree, should welcome it, while the threat and intensification of pressure and sanctions has taken place.

The British Foreign Minister Liz Truss said in the context of the test and then at a meeting of Group 7 in London without referring to the withdrawal of the United States from JCPOA said that Vienna talks are the last chance of Iran to join. Meanwhile, US treasury has also been sanctioned against several institutions and Iranian personality. On the other hand, Biden has also been claiming US militarism in the region to confront Saudi Arabia.

The new foreign secretary and security of Germany, who tries to prove its proximity to the United States and Zionists in the same days, speaks of non-constructive proposal and performance of Iran's negotiations.

A look at these positions clearly reveals that claims that Iran accused of behaviors and desires have been logical have been completely irrational and solely in the framework of the scoring.

The important point that Iran has not exited in any way, and even reducing its obligations has been in the form of paragraphs of 26 and 37, and it was the United States that has also lacked practical action to carry out his obligations.

Second; Another dimension, which requires a real narrative to deal with the false narrative of the West, is about the axis of the negotiations, whether the axis of negotiations is solely about the sanctions and commitment of the United States and Europe, not the nuclear issue or margins such as missiles and regional.

Third; The other axis can be seen in the claim of options on the table. The positions of some Western officials, including US defense ministers, are far from the military option on the table away from any reasonable basis, because the world acknowledges that the United States and all its allies do not dare to act, and their claim is more similar to a sinful humor.

Fourth; During recent days, some people and media circles have turned the artificial inflammation of the market into a tool for pushing the Iranian negotiating team to retreat in the negotiations, now that these developments are not related to negotiations and of course, with the government's economic pillars and the realization of regional and economic diplomacy are being managed.

The fact is that the economic boom is not merely depending on the abolition of sanctions and promises of the West, which depends on the efficiency, national unity in removing shortcomings and problems and realizing regional diplomacy. This is the fact that the West is seeking to reverse it and introduce itself from the accused to savior.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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