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What is the root of the dichotomy in the news of the Vienna talks?

What is the root of the dichotomy in the news of the Vienna talks?

To get out of the passive situation, European negotiators are trying to keep Iran at the negotiating table by adopting a sinusoidal negotiation method, while advancing the talks relatively, following the process of accusing Iran of being time-consuming and extravagant in the media so that the pressures on Iran are not reduced.

NOURNEWS - The representatives of the three European countries present at the Vienna talks issued a statement after meeting with Robert Malley, the US Special Representative for Iran and said: "We have been interacting for hours and all the delegations have pressured Iran to make sense. But so far we have not been able to enter into real negotiations."

The statement stressed that without rapid progress and given the rapid progress of Iran's nuclear program, JCPOA will soon become an empty shell.

The announcement of the positions of European countries and the reference to the non-entry of the Vienna meeting into "real negotiations" while the representative of Russia Mikhail Ulyanov stated in a conversation with RIA Novosti: "I think the probability that we will reach an agreement now is higher than it was before the resumption of negotiations."
He also tweeted that an important link that confirms the progress of the talks was revealed, and said that for the first time during the Vienna talks, a third working group was formed entitled "Scheduling the implementation of the agreement".
Ali Bagheri, our country's chief negotiator in Vienna, also stressed the differences that had remained unresolved in the previous six rounds of talks, but cautiously confirmed that the talks were moving forward.
The common view of Iran and Russia, which can be extended to China based on other available evidence, in the face of the Europeans' disappointing positions, is practically reminiscent of a contradiction in the news published from the Vienna negotiating table.
However, the Europeans and the media affiliated to the Western Front have tried in recent days to spread the fake and fragmented news to make the statement in the minds of the audience that there is a difference between Iran and Russia and China, and in this way, they can show the approach of the all negotiators towards a unified Iran, but given the continuous communication and consultation between the three countries, Iran, Russia and China, and their mutual positions on the principles of negotiations, few can accept this lie.
Yesterday's talks between the Iranian and Russian foreign ministers and the news that the two sides shared the same approach of Tehran and Moscow on the main issues in the Vienna talks clearly confirm the refutation of the directional media news related to the western side of the talks.
Before the start of the new round of talks, and in the first step, the Westerners strongly advocated the issue of Iran's time-wasting and flight from the negotiations, and focused their efforts on bringing Iran back to the negotiating table.
The aim of the West was to create a "negotiation trap" for Iran and to pursue "coercive diplomacy" using the tools of military and political threats and to increase the agency's illegal pressure and media warfare in order to dictate its menus. If it is not accepted by our country, it will accuse Iran of extravagance, stubbornness and stubbornness by starting a "blame game".
A strong presence with the Iranian program in the negotiations, however, thwarted these tricks and disrupted the planned game.
According to the information received by Nournews, from the Vienna talks, the Western negotiators are trying to get out of the passive situation by adopting a sinusoidal negotiation method to keep Iran on the negotiating table, while moving the talks forward, accusing Iran of delaying the process. And pursue extravagance in the media so as not to reduce the pressure on Iran.
In addition, the West's consistent approach to weighing on nuclear issues in the negotiations, rather than trying to eliminate the main cause of the slowdown in the agreement, namely US resistance to the lifting of sanctions, continues, and there is not any notion of significant action on the return of the parties to full feel their obligations to lift sanctions.
If the Western parties announce at the beginning of the second part of the new round of negotiations that they are ready to expertly review the drafts amended by Iran based on the JCPOA agreement, there is no need to design complex negotiation and media behaviors and a good agreement can be reached. Be quickly available to the negotiating parties.
Wasting time is not in the interest of either party unless the goal is to reach an agreement but simply to maximize the pressure with the negotiating tool.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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