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Publish Date : 11/21/2021 9:09:31 AM
The failure of Tehran-Baku separation scenario


The failure of Tehran-Baku separation scenario

The Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan's trip to Tehran could be an important and significant start in the process of repairing the existing space between the two countries and sound the alarm for the demons who have made every effort to disrupt Tehran-Baku relations.

NOURNEWS - Today, Sunday, "Shahin Mustafayev", Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will arrive in Tehran at the head of a high-ranking economic delegation.

This is the first visit of an Azerbaijani official to Iran after the recent agreements between the two countries.

According to news reports, a meeting between the presidents of the two countries on the sidelines of the upcoming ECO summit in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, which is scheduled to take place on December 7, is also underway.

Mustafayev, who heads the State Commission for Economic, Trade and Cultural Cooperation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran, will meet with officials of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Oil and Foreign Affairs of our country during his one-day visit.

On the eve of this trip, which is supposed to examine the prospects of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, our Ambassador to Baku "Seyed Abbas Mousavi" and "Shahin Mustafayev" met to discuss the latest developments in political and economic relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan on Saturday.

Regarding the meeting, Mousavi wrote on his Twitter account: "In this meeting, the latest developments in bilateral political and economic relations, especially joint projects, were reviewed and talks were held on holding a joint economic commission, removing obstacles, increasing trade and expanding regional cooperation."

Today, the visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan to Tehran is important in several ways:

First; After last year's clashes in Karabakh, due to the destructive role of some regional and supra-regional actors, the relations between the two countries have been affected by some misunderstandings, and recently verbal tensions have risen due to some comments.
This diplomatic incident shows that the enemies of the two nations have been stoned, and the two countries are returning to their previous path and developing warm and historical relations between Tehran and Baku.

Second; Naturally, the Zionist regime, which played a key role in creating the recent misunderstandings between Iran and Azerbaijan, is very unhappy with this trip because it sees all its efforts in the last few years to separate the two neighbors largely in vain.
Therefore, the ambassador of this regime in Baku had tried to fire his last shot in the direction of destroying Tehran-Baku relations by repeating his rhetoric yesterday.

According to him, Tel Aviv has been trying for the past years to establish a strong foothold in this country, firstly to reduce the depth of Iran's political and spiritual influence among the dear people of Azerbaijan and secondly to turn this country into a hostile country against Iran, unaware that The intertwined cultural and ideological roots of the two countries cannot be easily broken, and the top officials in Tehran and Azerbaijan are too smart to fall into such traps.

Third; This trip shows that the special geopolitical and civilizational position of Iran and its acting power in the equations of the region and the world cannot be denied, and foreign parties do not have the power and capacity to challenge this position and incite neighbors against Iran.

Fourth; The Islamic Republic of Iran over the past years and in all the crises created in the region by the West, especially the United States and the Zionist regime, and despite the widespread psychological warfare created by them, has shown well that not only does not have any remnants of any country rather, wants to establish permanent and complete peace and security in the region with all its might, and has used all its power to achieve this path, even by donating the blood of its loved ones.

On this basis, it seems that Mr. Shahin Mustafayev's visit to Tehran could be an important and significant start in repairing the existing space between the two countries and sound the alarm for the demons who have made every effort to disrupt Tehran-Baku relations.
BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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