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Publish Date : 10/11/2021 1:05:09 PM
Denial of Azerbaijani media coverage of the entry of Iranian troops into the country

Denial of Azerbaijani media coverage of the entry of Iranian troops into the country

In an interview with Nournews, an informed source reacted to the distortion of facts and news coverage of some Azerbaijani media outlets, denying the news of the entry of Iranian troops into the country during last year's war in the Caucasus.

NOURNEWS - Some Azerbaijani media outlets in a completely false news claim that our country's military forces entered the territory of Azerbaijan in the 44-day war in the Caucasus last year.

This suspicious report, which is currently aimed at inflaming and creating an anti-Iranian atmosphere inside Azerbaijan, has tried to accuse Iran of military aggression on Azerbaijani soil in the Zangilan region and the village of Soltanli by providing false information.

In this regard, an informed source in the Ministry of Energy, while complaining about the distortion of the facts by the Azerbaijani media, told "Nournews": The joint venture signed a dam on the Aras River with Baku, and by agreement, the responsibility for securing the dam on both sides of the border was transferred to Iran. According to the agreement, after the end of the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, it was decided to hand over the dam in the Azeri sector to Baku under a new agreement.

The source added: "During the 44-day war in the Caucasus, the Azerbaijani military forces, while advancing to liberate the occupied territories, demanded the withdrawal of the Iranian forces guarding the dam, regardless of the previous agreement and refusing to clarify technical and security details and explain the new conditions." They had the north, which was not logical and possible at all.

He added: "Some time later, with the agreements reached between the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, during a ceremony attended by the" border guards "of the two countries, the security of the northern part of the dam was handed over to the Azerbaijani forces.

It should be noted that during the years of occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan, the Islamic Republic of Iran protected the interests and wealth of Azerbaijan in the joint dam on Aras, and after the occupation, the Azeri part of the dam was officially handed over to the Azeri side.

This kind of directional news is contrary to good neighborliness and strengthens speculations about the influence of hostile Iranian countries on Azerbaijan's policies towards Iran, while the Islamic Republic of Iran has always respected the territorial integrity of all neighboring countries and is committed to this principle.



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