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Publish Date : 10/3/2021 9:05:19 AM
Fatehan Kheibar and what neighbors need to know


Fatehan Kheibar and what neighbors need to know

In order to defend its sovereignty and security, each country, if necessary, without the need to hold exercises, will suppress the aggressor elements using its own set of capabilities, and Iran is no exception to this rule.

NOURNEWS - "Fatehan Kheibar" exercise was held in the northwestern region of Iran with the presence of armored units, artillery, UAVs, Cybers and with the support of airborne helicopter fire.

Here are some tips:

First; According to the principle of sovereignty and international law, every country has the right to hold military exercises in its territory, and Iran, accordingly, conducts exercises in the field of land, sea, air and defense to assess and strengthen its defense and security capabilities.

Second; These exercises are held on the basis of a specific and pre-planned time and place schedule, so the reaction of the President of Azerbaijan "Ilham Aliyev" who said that the question is why and now such an exercise is taking place on our border is far from logic and the truth of adventure.

Third; Iran has always considered the security of its neighbors and the region as its own security, and the history of the exercises held proves the same.

Fourth; Iran has always emphasized the principle of regional integration and participation to achieve security and stability, and has welcomed the holding of joint exercises with its neighbors. Accordingly, holding joint exercises with countries such as Azerbaijan and Armenia could be part of a joint military cooperation program with Baku and Yerevan.

Fifth; The surprising remarks of the President of Azerbaijan regarding Iran's defense approach have been made while the Islamic Republic, like what happened in Iraq, Syria, the recent Karabakh war, etc., has always acted carefully due to its sensitivity and sense of responsibility for the security of its neighbors. In protecting the common borders, it has paid significant financial and human costs to counter terrorism, which is the main threat to the countries of the region.

Sixth; Iran considers it its right to confront terrorism and security threats, especially the movements of the Zionist regime, and will never pose the slightest threat, as it targeted the joint movements of the counter-revolutionary groups and the Mossad in Erbil, Iraq, with missiles and artillery, and explicitly warned that If the evil of the counter-revolutionary and terrorist groups continues, these attacks will continue.

According to this, not only Azerbaijan but also other countries in the region, with real understanding of Iran's security sensitivities and considerations, must eliminate any ambiguity regarding the use of terrorist groups and Zionist elements by their territory to be close to the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Naturally, each country will defend its sovereignty and security, if necessary, without the need to hold exercises, to suppress the aggressor elements and elements using its own capacity, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is no exception to this rule.

Recent developments in the region, especially in Afghanistan, have shown that the United States is not a reliable partner and partner, and those governments that live up to American promises will ultimately suffer.

Special and far-sighted attention to the Zionist regime's efforts to transfer the insecurity in the occupied territories to the Caucasus region, as well as the development aspirations of some other countries in the region, which have unfortunately become a constant source of direct and proxy crisis in the troubled countries, are important requirements. Provide a review of military and security strategies for the countries of the Caucasus and avoid placing them on the playing field of adventurous countries.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi



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