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Publish Date : 10/2/2021 12:41:32 AM
Baku should take care of its bad friends


Baku should take care of its bad friends

Perhaps it is not bad if Azerbaijani analysts warn their politicians that the expansion of cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the occupying regime in Jerusalem in areas where the public hates the fake Israeli government is the biggest threat to regional security and destabilizes relations between the two countries.

NOURNEWS - The increasing trend of provocative behaviors of the Republic of Azerbaijan in recent weeks, which has so far been faced with patience and friendly and peaceful positions of Iran, continues in a strange way and along with some tense field movements has organized a kind of psychological operation against our country.

These behaviors began with the forty-eight-hour stoppage of Iranian commercial trucks at the border and continued with the interventionist statements of some members of the Azerbaijani parliament against Iran, insults and attacks by the Azerbaijani media on Iranian officials, including Ayatollah Ameli, representative of the Supreme Leader in Ardabil province.

This unfriendly process finally entered a new phase with the surprising remarks of the President of Azerbaijan "Ilham Aliyev" and by raising the level of tension, imposed an unwanted negative atmosphere on the warm and fraternal relations between the two countries.

In an interview with the Turkish Anatolian News Agency, Aliyev made accusations against our country without mentioning these tense and information-based movements, which show that he is either unaware of the consequences of such behaviors and positions, or for the good of countries that have friendly relations between the two countries, not thinking that he has taken a step in this direction.

These behaviors, which are in clear contradiction with Iran's friendly policies towards Azerbaijan, and the origin of all of which is quite clear to Tehran, have created unintended conditions, the dimensions of which we will discuss below.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has proved its brotherhood and friendship with Azerbaijan in various forms since the historical period of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and has always tried to advance the relations between the two countries in various dimensions in the direction of quantitative and qualitative observance, observing the principles of good neighborliness, but the two countries' ill-wishers have long been inciting Baku's leaders to take anti-Iranian actions under various pretexts.

In the clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the occupied territories of Karabakh a few months ago, Tehran, while recognizing Azerbaijan's right to dominate part of its occupied territory, tried to prevent bloodshed and escalation of tensions by pushing the two countries for dialogue and compromise. Slowly, however, these friendly Iranian positions have apparently misled the Baku authorities.

During the Karabakh war, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution explicitly spoke about the need to return the occupied territories of Azerbaijan to this country and the need to evacuate the region and hand it over to Baku. In his speech during the Karabakh conflict, he stressed that Yerevan must understand that it is not in its interest to continue the occupation. However, it seems that the Azerbaijani authorities soon forgot everything.

It is quite clear to Iran that the United States and the Zionist regime have for years had a serious will to create a crisis in Iran-Azerbaijan relations, and some ambitious countries in the region, thinking of developing their influence.

Iran's strategic position on the East-West Highway, which recently entered a new phase with Iran's permanent accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, is the trump card that has pushed some regional development countries to provoke Washington and Tel Aviv to justify Baku's strategic mistakes. And military power and geopolitical change in the region deprive the Islamic Republic of Iran of this position and seize it through the Zangezur Pass.

This dangerous game, which is being waged by inciting ethnic-religious tensions and abusing Iran's strategic patience, has long been designed through a joint American-Zionist think tank centered on the likes of Brenda Schaefer, a member of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy (FDD). Unfortunately, despite Tehran's warnings, Baku has given in to this game.

Interestingly, Baku officials have pinned the presence of Iranian troops on the northern regions of the Islamic Republic and the holding of the "Kheibar Conquerors" exercise, trying to accuse Iran of disrupting security and stability in the region.

At the same time, every country has the right to take any action within its borders to strengthen its security base, and holding Iranian military exercises in the north of the country follows the same rule.

The point is that if there is going to be a complaint about military exercises, the joint Baku exercise with countries outside the region is questionable, as not only Iran but also some other countries along the Caspian Sea have serious criticisms of such exercises.

The recent joint exercise of Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan is clearly an unprecedented and provocative move, which is reminiscent of the presentation of their organs to other powers in the region.

 In recent days, many political and military analysts have seen the holding of exercises in Baku, Islamabad and Ankara in the Caspian Sea as a line and a mark for the lake's northern neighbor, Russia.

Naturally, given the American tendencies of Pakistan and the relations of Baku and Ankara with the Zionist regime and other Western governments, this provocative action of Baku can in no way be considered a constructive activity to stabilize the region.

Perhaps it is not bad if Azerbaijani analysts warn their politicians that the expansion of cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the occupying regime in Jerusalem in areas where the public hates the fake Israeli government is the biggest threat to regional security and destabilizes relations between the two countries.

The history of Azerbaijan's military cooperation with Israel and Tel Aviv's abuse of the Islamic Republic's will to expand relations with Azerbaijan should not lead Baku to think that Iran is indifferent to what threatens its security.

The Islamic Republic has always emphasized on improving the level of relations with the people of Azerbaijan, considering the rules of the neighborhood, cultural relations, common past and being of the same religion with the people of Azerbaijan, and the Republic of Azerbaijan raising the level of tension in the region, especially between the two countries.

The issue of border sensitivities in any country follows requirements and principles that must be understood by other countries. Especially for countries like Iran, which in the last two centuries have not only not started a war, but have been victims of other countries' expansionism, these requirements are even more sensitive.

Iran has shown that it has no eye on the soil of other countries, but it will monitor the slightest action by other countries in relation to its territorial integrity and national security and will respond decisively in due time and under the legal framework.

The emergence of unintended conditions in the Caucasus region in recent weeks should have made the Azerbaijani authorities aware of the destructive role of their bad friends and the need to pay more attention to the requirements of the neighborhood and the considerations of the country's true friends.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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