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Publish Date : 9/22/2021 11:55:26 PM
What is the basis for Raisi's proposal to UN members?


What is the basis for Raisi's proposal to UN members?

Today, the world faces two major challenges, which are health and environmental challenges, and the root of this crisis must be sought in the actions of the hegemonic system. These behaviors have posed countless threats to the lives of millions of people, climate and the environment of human society.

NOURNEWS - The 76th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations is being held with the presence and speeches of officials from the members of this organization.

In his speech at the UN General Assembly, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi, while outlining the challenges of today's world, suggested that by introducing the two categories of "health" and "environment" as human issues, any sanctions or disruption of its supply chain should be prohibited.

But on which necessities was the president's proposal based on?

A) Health:

Although in today's world with the advancement of science and knowledge, access to medical and health facilities has become easy for many human societies, but factors have led to a major obstacle to this process, which is rooted in the functions of the system of domination and Capitalism must be sought.

First; The continuation of the US and its partners' sanctions against other countries has resulted in them being virtually deprived of access to health facilities. The objective manifestation of this behavior can be seen in the prevention of sending humanitarian aid to war-torn and famine-stricken nations.

Zionist siege of Gaza, 7 years of Saudi siege of Yemen, siege and sanctions against the Syrian people, ban on sending humanitarian aid to Afghan refugees under the pretext of fighting the Taliban, sanctions and failure to send humanitarian aid to many countries Western-dominated by Africans are a manifestation of these genocides and threats to human health perpetrated by the hegemonic system.

Second; The right to life is a major part of the health sector, which is threatened by the regime with direct or indirect warfare with terrorist groups and sometimes with economic terrorism. Today, millions of people are exposed to mass deaths and loss of physical and mental health under the wars and crises created by the capitalist system and even the environmental pollution created by the use of banned bombs and mass killings.

Third; The objective manifestation of the threat to human health can be seen in the drug sanctions imposed on some countries, including Iran, by the domination system. Blocking the delivery of medical and pharmaceutical equipment to certain patients, including patients licensed by the United States against the Iranian nation, is a manifestation of this inhumane situation.

At a time when the corona is threatening the world, the United States and Europe, on the one hand, have prevented other countries from obtaining the corona vaccine through hoarding and arrogance, according to the World Health Organization. They refuse. The G7 also formally opposed giving the corona vaccine to poor countries.

Fourth; One of the dimensions of threatening public health behaviors is nuclear monopoly and Western obstruction of other countries' access to peaceful nuclear knowledge that has many medical applications if the West is willing to provide 20% fuel for Tehran nuclear power plant to build millions of radiopharmaceuticals. Could not be affiliated.

Fifth; Sanctions and threats of war are detrimental to mental health, causing great harm to people, especially children, and sometimes never being irreparable. In other words, the hegemonic behavior of the regime, from terrorism and incitement to its support of insurgents and the implementation of state terrorism, has practically minimized life expectancy among many nations.

Sixth; The fight against drugs is part of health, while the 20-year presence of the occupiers in Afghanistan has led to an increase in drug production from 9,000 to 200,000 tons. On the other hand, imposing sanctions on countries such as Iran, which are at the forefront of the fight against drugs, could disrupt the financing of this fight.

B) Environment:

In the field of environment, although issues such as the Paris Agreement are raised as an axis of action to protect the environment, but the truth is that the environment is a category beyond international treaties that requires protection of several components.

First; Today, the use of renewable and non-fossil fuels is an important key to protecting the environment, while sanctions imposed on countries for access to energy such as nuclear energy, as well as countering countries' access to modern day-to-day knowledge and technology have prevented this from happening. . This issue can be seen in the biased behavior of the West in Iran's access to modern knowledge of peaceful nuclear energy and renewable energy.

Second; Economic sanctions imposed on countries in the form of state terrorism prevent countries from meeting environmental costs, resulting in the destruction of the environment and the destruction of climates. Today, the world is facing a drought crisis, but many countries have been deprived of the necessary financial resources and facilities to deal with this phenomenon due to sanctions and hegemonic and monopolistic policies of the hegemonic system.

Third; Another important point is the effects of wars and displacement on the environment. The devastation left by the wars of domination of the domination system and especially their use of prohibited weapons and mass killings has practically destroyed the environment of many parts of the world, especially West Asia. At the same time, these provocations have displaced millions of people around the world, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Yemen, and so on.

Accordingly; Today, the world faces two major health and environmental challenges, and the root of this crisis must be sought in the actions of the hegemonic system. The self-conceited and hegemonic one-sidedness of the hegemonic system has led to the threat to the lives of millions of people, at least the environment and the environment of human society also face numerous threats, the solution to which is the global consensus against a system of domination that has led the world to chaos and insecurity in order to further benefit from state and economic terrorism.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi



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