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Publish Date : 9/22/2021 10:52:54 PM
Agreements in the Visit of Al-Kadhimi; Strategic Step in Relations between Iran and Iraq

Agreements in the Visit of Al-Kadhimi; Strategic Step in Relations between Iran and Iraq

Mostafa Al-Kadhimi visit to Iran was his first visit after President Raisi took office. From political point of view, the visit was made one month before holding the Iraqi election, and is important for Al-Kadhimi who has made several counselling visits to regional countries.

NOURNEWS - Siamak Kakaei in an interview with the site of Strategic Council for Foreign Relations stated that:” In line with this, one can mention the efforts made by Al-Kadhimi for holding trilateral meetings with Egypt and Jordan as well as Baghdad regional-international meeting”.

In connection with Iran-Iraq relations, he continued to mention two issues and said:” First, as two important neighbors, Iran and Iraq are determined to develop their economic and trade relations”.

Referring to the recent visit of Al-Kadhimi to Iran, he stressed:” Agreements were made in the course of the visit for abolition of visa requirement and also repayment of Iran’s frozen money in Iraq”.

Kakaei continued:” It must be noted that Iraq is seeking for activation of her regional role in long term. In the meantime, Iraq is looking for the development of her economic, investment, energy sectors as well as connecting roads and so on. Iran can meet her demands as the first supplier”.

According to the expert, agreements were made in the course of the recent meetings between the Iranian and Iraqi authorities on Shalamche-Basra railroad, and upgrading the rail network between Iran and Iraq which by themselves can facilitate the contact channels.

Kakaei also explained about the trade volume between the two countries and the necessity to increase it:” It is also necessary to increase the trade volume between the two countries for which a ceiling of $ 20 billion has been defined”.

The expert mentioned the second issue in relations between Iran and Iraq as the useful and stabilizer role of Iran in the country and added:” Iran has played an important role in security and stability of Iraq within the past two decades. Likewise, as the most important neighbor to Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran has made efforts to improve the conditions of Iraq as assisting as possible”.

The Expert on Iraq touched upon Baghdad mediating role between Tehran and Riyadh and said:” The issue of Iraqi mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been noticed by the new media within the past few months”.

In connection with the internal issues of Iraq and Iran’s approach to them, he said:” Iraq is facing two phenomena in her new situation; first holding the upcoming election and setting up the new government. Iran has always supported the flourishing of Iraqi political trend. Therefore, the intra-groups and intra-factions interact as well as their political alignment in the upcoming election will be important”.

Kakaei continued:” Another issue is a new definition of Iraqi regional role which is important for Iraqis and Al-Kadhimi himself. Because, having left behind the widespread insecurities, Iraq is now intending to develop and upgrade her foreign relations. Holding several regional and international meetings is assessed within this framework”.

The expert on Iraq believes along with these issues, what will continue to govern the perspective of Iraqi developments in future, is the American forces kept-in or withdrawal from the country.

Kakaei stressed that:” there exists a will in Iraq that the issue of withdrawal of American forces from the country will become an important priority when the new government takes office, particularly after the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Afghanistan, as we witnessed, the issue of Iraq and how the exit of the U.S. forces from this country will take place has become the limelight of political and media circles”.

The expert said ultimately:” At regional level too, the exit of the Americans from Iraq will be supported. Iran will welcome the new Iraq, free from the presence of the occupiers, involves herself  in new regional interactions and strengthens her bilateral relations”.



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