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Publish Date : 8/17/2021 5:26:46 AM
The most important test for the Taliban

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The most important test for the Taliban

The Taliban have no choice but to implement a model of government in a country with great ethnic-religious diversity, in which all these capacities are used properly, and it implements its way of governing according to the will of the people.

NOURNEWS - After months of turmoil in Afghanistan, the Taliban finally arrived in Kabul yesterday, and with the departure of Ashraf Ghani, a new era of political, social and security developments began in Iran's eastern neighbor.

There is much said and unsaid about why Afghanistan got to this point, but what is clear is that the government, especially the president himself, with an unwavering reliance and trust in the United States, practically took a path that had no end in sight other than what happened.

To any extent; Today, the Taliban, led by Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzadeh, controls almost all of Afghanistan and prepares to form a government and an inclusive political system, which is far more difficult than ever.

The face of the Taliban is associated with violence and extremism in the eyes of most of the people of this country as well as the world public opinion, and the history of this group's rule over Afghanistan is not desirable in the public mind.

The face of the Taliban today is largely the result of the group's actions in the past, but what they have tried to show in speech and behavior during this time is something contrary to the images they have formed in public opinion.

Although the Taliban continue to insist on the formation of an "Islamic Emirate", it has repeatedly stressed the need for interaction, dialogue and tolerance with internal and external parties, and is seeking to increase its "soft power".

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said; We still cannot say for sure what kind of system will rule Afghanistan in the future, but our goal is to divide power between groups and interact positively with the world.

Such remarks by Taliban officials have sometimes been practical in recent weeks, as they have acted peacefully in dealing with government elements and even former government officials and those who have officially entered war with them, other than what they have said. They did not.

However, it is too early to make a definitive judgment on the Taliban's definitive policy of forming an inclusive government and new ways of governing, and therefore, even the Western countries and the United States, which have signed agreements with the Taliban, are not just a sign of recognition. The group has not presented itself as the ruling system in Afghanistan, but has also presented different signals.

In such a situation, the Taliban, if it wants to be accepted by its people and the world public opinion, has no choice but to show in practice that the image of the Taliban's five-year rule (1996-2001) should be forgotten and the group intends to seriously exfoliate based on universally accepted approaches and criteria.

In any case, the Taliban have no choice but to implement a model of government in a country with great ethnic-religious diversity, in which all these capacities are used properly and based on the will of the people, the way and model of governance to be implemented.

To describe precisely; If the Taliban claim to have taken control of the country with the most popular acceptance and the least amount of war and bloodshed, then its main and most important future test is to show its discourse change in practice so that it can create a new belief. Help its people, neighbors and other countries in shaping real and lasting change in the Taliban.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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