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Publish Date : 8/10/2021 6:16:36 PM
Deadly silence of the West in the face of 14 attacks on Iranian merchant ships


Deadly silence of the West in the face of 14 attacks on Iranian merchant ships

Exceeding internationally accepted rules and using hostile means such as assassination, sabotage and encroachment on the rights of others to achieve political goals has lost its effectiveness over the years.

NOURNEWS - For about two years till date, a total of 12 Iranian vessels have been targeted by terrorist acts on 14 occasions in the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea waters.
The responsibility for many of these attacks has been implicitly or explicitly acknowledged by the Zionist regime, which shows the evil behavior of the regime to destabilize the international transportation lines.
One of them is the words of Netanyahu, the then Prime Minister of Israel, who said in a naval base in March 2017: This force has taken on a more important role "in countering the oil embargo on Iran!"
Although he did not mention the nature of these actions, he described the regime's submarines and other equipment in the Israeli army as part of a military capability against Iran, implicitly claiming responsibility.
In the case of the Iranian ship "Saviz", the New York Times and Al-Arabiya, which are clearly affiliated with the Western media, attributed the operation to "Israeli commandos".
The point is that at the same time, Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said: "Tel Aviv and Washington have long focused on Iran's oil revenues, and in this regard, Israel has launched a campaign of sabotage of Iranian oil tankers in the Red Sea. Moves forward to prevent circumvention of sanctions.
Shortly afterwards, The Wall Street Journal quoted its sources as saying in a detailed report that the 12 Iranian vessels were damaged and wrote:"Israel has tried to stop the exchange of Iranian oil with these attacks."
The complete plan of terrorist acts against Iranian vessels by the Zionist regime, which did not seek the slightest reaction from the West
This evidence and confession, however, came at a time when the slightest reaction to the actions of the Zionist regime by the Western countries and even the responsible international institutions has not been shown.
Meanwhile, the Zionist regime and Western countries claiming the security of international waterways have always attributed unfortunate incidents to Israeli merchant ships to Iran, and immediately, with a wide range of reactions and heavy media operations, made concerted effort to intimidate Iran and organize international opposition. Iran has followed.
In the last one or two weeks, during a scenario designed with the attachment of detailed media, a new lie was made against Iran with the aim of Iran phobia and insecurity of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea waters as one of the most strategic international waterways to achieve two Western goals.
First; Intensifying pressure on Iran to accept the extravagant and irrational demands of the United States in the BRICS negotiation process through an international consensus starring Tel Aviv, London and Washington.
Second; justifying and persuading public opinion to harm Iran's interests and justifying the hostile behaviors and actions of the Zionist regime.
This widespread atmosphere took place at a time when the West and the Zionist regime were unable to even persuade members of the UN Security Council to accept their fake account of the Israeli ship "Mercer Street" and the subsequent hijacking of the "Princess Asphalt".
The point is, why does the West, and especially Biden's Democratic administration, which claims to be changing its approach to the world to Trump's approaches and pursues human rights and humanitarian issues, have an approach to all things that disrupt international security? It does not have the same.
More precisely, the world is witnessing a double standard by Westerners in the face of international tranquility and security and the human rights debate, meaning that the Zionist regime's state terrorism in their ode to the meaning of legitimate defense, and logical exposure to their successive evils is considered insecure and undesirable behavior.
Naturally, in such an atmosphere, one should not expect that if the interests of others are harmed, the other party will remain handcuffed and will not take any action. To put it more bluntly, security is either for everyone or not for anyone.
The West must realize that today's world is different from the past, and that independent nations and governments are not to remain silent under the burden of aggression, savagery, and, of course, their intense propaganda, and to show no reaction despite all their illegal and bullying behavior.
According to this, The United States and its allies around the world need to know that their nefarious plans to imprison them through terrorist acts will not only not be persuasive to world public opinion, but will certainly be met with a decisive response.
Exceeding internationally accepted rules and using hostile means such as assassination, sabotage and encroachment on the rights of others to achieve political goals has been losing its impact for years, and certainly the continuation of such actions will only increase tension and damage its perpetrators.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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