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Publish Date : 8/5/2021 6:13:09 PM
Why did the first step of the Persian Gulf region insecurity project fail?


Why did the first step of the Persian Gulf region insecurity project fail?

The political controversy and the Western media in support of the false claim of Iran's attack on the Zionist regime's ship and the concern of creating insecurity in the region, is in a situation while none of these countries has the slightest reaction to the Zionist regime's terrorist acts, including the attack on several Iranian ships, sabotages inside Iran and assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists.

NOURNEWS - The margins of last Thursday's accident for the Zionist regime's ship in the waters of the Oman Sea continue with the Westerns bragging and creating an atmosphere against Iran without presenting the slightest document.
This atmosphere became more widespread with the stupid entry of the United States and Britain, officially and at the level of foreign ministers.
The attempt to bring the matter to the point of reciprocal response to Iran continued with a larger ridiculous lie on Tuesday evening.
The claim of British authorities about the hijacking of an oil tanker by forces affiliated with Iran and the controversy of the Western media to induce insecurity in the Persian Gulf was another manifestation of the display of Iranophobia by the West in recent days.
Regarding the psychological operations carried out during the past week, the goals of which are quite clear to Tehran, there are important points:
First, the atmosphere created by the West and the Zionist regime regarding Iran's involvement in the attack on the Israeli ship and the threat of retaliation by creating a severe psychological warfare and referring the matter to the Security Council took place despite the widespread hotchpotch. The names and pictures of those allegedly killed in the attack have not been released.
Second, in Tuesday's case, they first claimed that a ship had been hit by a landmine, then said that it had been targeted by a drone, and finally claimed that it had been abducted.
Wednesday but; The British officially ruled out kidnapping without explanation.
In the following; The controversy failed, and to cover up the scandal, the Saudi International pseudo-security media took action, claiming the abduction and then the release of the ship by Iran by publishing an anonymous audio file that proves nothing!
Whereas; so far, they have not even published a short picture recorded with a mobile phone about the presence of Iranian forces on the deck of this ship to make the particles of this imaginary scenario real.
Even assuming that this ridiculous scenario is true, the Western media does not explain why Iran abandoned it if it intended to abduct it, and what the main purpose of the abduction and release was.
Third, disruption of the navigation systems of four other tankers, coupled with the creation of a false atmosphere surrounding the hijacking of the Princess Asphalt, indicates that the implementation of a detailed scenario and extensive psychological operations has led to public insecurity on commercial shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. Induction and the culprit is Iran.
Fourth, this Zionist, British, American malice was fully exposed on the eve of the transfer of power in Iran, albeit with the revelation of an Islamic Republic security official about the deployment of the Mossad cyber team in the UAE with the aim of destabilizing the region.
Yesterday's remarks by the security official show that although the set of measures being organized in the western, Hebrew and Arab axes is aimed at destabilizing the Persian Gulf region, with the vigilance of the Islamic Republic, these measures will not go anywhere as in the past.
Fifth, some Western countries accompanied the dirty game of the Zionists, which culminated in the stupidity of Antony Blinken and Dominic Raab, while shouting for security in the region and the fight against terrorism, which have so far had the least reaction to the terrorist acts of the Zionist regime, including the attack on Several Iranian ships have not been sabotaged inside Iran or assassinated by Iranian nuclear scientists.
According to this; It is very clear that this set of actions is a planned conspiracy for Iranophobia and pressure on Iran to gain concessions and influence Iran's regional policies, which not only exposed the falsity of Biden's claims about changing its approach to Iran, but also It showed the extent to which the West and the Zionist regime are committed to actively pursuing an active resistance strategy by Iran.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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