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Publish Date : 7/28/2021 8:34:06 AM
Strategies to counter the resurgence of terrorist cells in Afghanistan


Strategies to counter the resurgence of terrorist cells in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's recent developments, which in addition to intensifying insecurity in the country have a direct impact on the security and tranquility of the West Asian region, are the result of the U.S. crisis and irresponsible behavior that has revived the core of terrorism with a new scenario to achieve its goals.

NOURNEWS - Afghanistan has faced a security crisis in recent weeks due to the crisis policies of the occupiers, which are centered on the confrontation between the central government and the Taliban.
Reacting to developments in Afghanistan, Pakistan Army spokesman Babar Iftikhar said there was a risk of reactivation of the remnants of terrorist organizations and their dormant cells in Pakistan due to the unrest and conflict in Afghanistan.
These positions have already been raised by Russia, China, Iran, and some Central Asian countries, warning of the possibility of terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan and the region.
These warnings stem from the fact that the Americans have not taken action to combat terrorism during the 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan, as Obama has emphasized; The goal of the United States is to manage the terrorists in the direction of the goals of the United States, and it does not intend to destroy them!
Documents and reports show that in recent years, the Americans have moved the remnants of ISIS to Afghanistan in order to gain power today in the light of the crisis situation in the country and to implement the critical US policy in the region.
But what is the solution to this situation and how can the countries of the region prevent the realization of this American scenario?
First; today, more than ever, Afghanistan needs full support to achieve peace and reconciliation through Afghan-Afghan dialogue, an approach that has been a benevolent endeavor by countries in the region due to deep divisions within Afghan factions and a rift deepened by the occupiers over the past 20 years.
Second; The Americans have recently announced that they are trying to convince the countries of the region to become a base for what they call supporting Afghanistan, while the occupation of Afghanistan has taught the important lesson that the US and its allies in NATO have never sought to help others, and their presence has resulted in nothing but insecurity and destruction.
This is a great lesson for some countries in the region, such as Pakistan, not to be caught up in US economic and political promises and to refuse to comply with the US demand for a military base in Washington.
It is important to note that some countries, such as Turkey, in the name of maintaining the security of Kabul airport, emphasize the strengthening of military and intelligence presence in Afghanistan, which reinforces the scenario that the US and NATO seek to implement new dimensions of regional influence and crisis by mediating Turkey. Be in Afghanistan and use the interaction between Turkey and Pakistan to persuade Islamabad to give a military base to the United States.
Third, in strengthening the Afghan side's dialogue path, the Islamic Republic's initiative can be a model for other countries, which, contrary to the behavior of Americans who have sought to align the central government and the Taliban with their goals, Iran seeks to bring their vision closer to the interests of the Afghan nation and peace and stability in the region. All of this, while thwarting the US sinister plan for the future of Afghanistan and the region, could prevent the resurgence of the nuclei of terrorism and guarantee the return of peace.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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