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Publish Date : 7/5/2021 2:33:40 AM
Behind the scenes; Recognition of Ansarullah by the United States and Britain

BY: Seyed Reza Sadr Al-Hosseini

Behind the scenes; Recognition of Ansarullah by the United States and Britain

The Westerners seek to recognize the Ansarullah's situation and turn the tide of negotiations in Yemen to their advantage, which they have not been able to do so far.

NOURNEWS - Given the recent field and political developments in Yemen and considering the US military entry into the country, Washington sought to take an advantage of the situation by announcing the removal of Ansarullah from the terrorist list, determine the situation in favor of itself and the coalition of Saudi.
Accordingly, we saw that in the first phase, after the deployment of its troops in Yemen, the United States removed the name of the Ansarullah movement from its terrorist list in order to provide space for bringing Ansarullah to the negotiating table.
This event somehow caused Yemen to enter a new era of development because this action of the United States somehow caused Ansarullah to be considered by the West, which shows the influence and power of this current in Yemen and in the region.
The bottom line is that the US initiative and efforts to settle the Yemeni case in the interests of Washington have basically failed, and to date Ansarullah has taken no steps to negotiate with Western countries or even the Saudi coalition.
The fact is that the United States has not been able to pursue its case in the region due to its regional failures. One of these cases is Yemen, the future of which is still unknown, which is why the Americans are trying to declare their military presence in Yemen, on the one hand, that they continue to defend the Saudi coalition, and on the other hand, by removing Ansarullah from the terrorist list. They seek to introduce themselves to the world as the center of resolving this crisis.
However, a huge range of analysis and news shows that the Americans did not succeed in the Yemeni case.
On the other hand, given the current situation, the Americans, by taking such positions in favor of Ansarullah and by supporting the Arab coalition in Yemen, and especially by directing the situation towards the crisis of Marib, they entered the field where the role of the United Nations has not been very positive.
We need to understand that Martin Griffith, the UN special envoy for Yemen, who has been the third UN envoy to Yemen in recent years, has not been able to record any specific output for the Yemeni case.
He basically supports Saudi Arabia and the United States, which is why Ansarullah believes that he has not been able to take any decisive and effective action for the benefit of the Yemeni people during this period. For this reason, the set of available components shows that the superior hand is with Ansarullah.
The movement believes that for the first negotiation, the lifting of the blockade of Sanaa airport should be implemented by the Arab League, and then the lifting of sanctions against the country should be sidelined in order to establish a just peace. For this reason, I believe that Ansarullah, in addition to wanting lasting peace, is fighting in the arena in order to be able to negotiate more by achieving more field achievements in the political arena and negotiations.
In other words, their field achievements are directly related to political issues and talks, while the Saudi coalition is only spending money on the war with the Yemeni people, and to date, it has not achieved any significant achievements.
Despite this fact that, the previous day, Britain, along with the United States, Ansarullah of Yemen was officially recognized, which shows that the Westerners have come to the conclusion that this process has a direct impact as the backbone of the future of negotiations and the resolution of the Yemeni crisis.


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