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Publish Date : 5/15/2021 10:16:38 AM
The naration of the Hamas representative in Tehran about General Soleimani's plan for the liberation of Quds


The naration of the Hamas representative in Tehran about General Soleimani's plan for the liberation of Quds

Martyr General Soleimani discussed a plan in a meeting on what role regional groups should play for Palestine, based on their nationality, and how these plans should unite. He was martyred, but I am sure this plan will be implemented.

NOURNEWS - The Occupied Palestinian Territories these days are witnessing rapid and widespread developments that, in addition to showing off the capabilities of the resistance, have also shown the weakness and disintegration of the occupying Zionist regime.

In this regard, we had a conversation with Dr. Khaled Al-Qaddumi, the esteemed representative of the Hamas movement in Tehran, the details of which are as follows:

In the name of God and greetings to the esteemed audience of "Nournews"

The truth is that the events that took place in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque from the 10th of Ramadan until today have two dimensions. The first is the dignity of the Mojahedin and the second is the crimes of the Zionist regime, which is basically far from humanity. The behavior of the Israelis is similar to the old behavior of Britain and France against colonies such as Algeria and other Muslims.

They seek to change the fabric of the city of Jerusalem in favor of the Jews, which is why the events of Sheikh Jarrah in recent days. The Zionists want to relocate the twenty-eight Palestinian families who have lived in Jerusalem since ancient times and replace them with Jewish settlers.

Another goal of the Israelis is to divide the Al-Aqsa Mosque between Muslims and Jews. Interestingly, even those who have sometimes been in Sharon's cabinet believe that this is a mosque and belongs to Muslims. UNESCO has also said that Al-Aqsa Mosque has nothing to do with Judaism.

The Israelis do not dare to start a war against Gaza because this action has security and economic losses for them. Even in the military and security spheres, they have weaknesses that they have not been able to overcome. This shows that just as the Supreme Leader, in his address yesterday, commanded the honorable and honorable model of resistance in the region, he was able to stop these Israeli actions.

The Zionist movement from 1897 until today has not been able to convince the Jewish population of the world to come here. Which shows that they have failed. European governments today see Israel as a moral burden that basically has no answers to the questions raised. For example, why do they support this child-killing regime?

Unfortunately, some governments in the region are pursuing this regime with behavior such as the Stockholm Syndrome. Of course, the relations of these governments with them do not have a strategic effect on us Palestinians. But they are unfortunate because they are among us. Of course, from the time of Camp David until now, every government that contacted them was not in the best interest of themselves and their people, and the people of the region know this.

Arming the West Bank is the responsibility of Muslims and the responsibility of the world. The West Bank is said to be under occupation. Where Muslim resistance has no problem even legally (international law). And the law says that the occupied people can resist in any way. The duty of international organizations is the duty of the free people of the world and the duty of the countries to support the Palestinian people, especially in the West Bank.

In my opinion, the Supreme Leader's address on the pattern of resistance and the message of hope in Arabic to the Palestinian youth was comprehensive and profound.

The Zionist regime is expansionist. They do not believe in the 1948 and 1968 agreements. They wanted to take the lands from the Arabs by force, but they resisted. That's why they tried to influence with soft power, like the assassination of nuclear scientists. The regime seeks to gain more hegemony and control over the region through espionage.

But have the region's elites realized this? I think everyone knows what Israel is looking for. But there are two methods in the area. One is a compromise and the other one is the method of dignity and resistance. Today we have to be patient. Today, God sees how many victims we have in the region.

The Syrian and Iraqi crises, which create divisions among Muslims, are their plan. The prescription is that we should be united and not divided. Today, Muslims are fighting with each other everywhere in the region. We have not seen them fight Israel. But the liberation of the people and the victory of the region will not be in the hands of Palestine alone. The Muslims and the Arabs must unite so that the attack of this common enemy will not succeed.

I send greetings to the soul of the great martyr and helper of Palestine, Martyr Soleimani. His martyrdom caused great sorrow in our hearts and his place is always empty. Based on my experience, I have seen that there was always an issue in their hearts, and that was how to unite all the efforts of the Islamic Ummah against the Zionist regime. At the meeting, he outlined a plan for regional groups based on their nationality, what role they should play for Palestine, and how these plans should unite. The Supreme Leader also stressed that this plan must be implemented when he was martyred, but I am sure this plan will be implemented. As we see today how the resistance groups are fighting against the Zionist regime.


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