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Publish Date : 2021/04/08 05:08
New details about the Iranian ship Saviz

New details about the Iranian ship Saviz

The day before the accident, an unidentified helicopter patrolled the Saviz for 5 to 10 minutes, one of the Iranian ship's crew members said.

NOURNEWS - On Tuesday, April 7, the Iranian ship Saviz was attacked off the coast of Djibouti in the Red Sea.
"The day before the incident, an unidentified helicopter patrolled the Saviz ship for 5 to 10 minutes," one of the ship's crew told Nornews.
He added: "On the day of the incident, about 4 hours after the attack on the ship, from 10:00 to 11:00 local time, two unidentified speedboats were patrolling near the ship."
The Saviz civilian ship was stationed in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden to provide maritime security and counter-piracy, in accordance with a previous official announcement and in coordination with the International Maritime Organization as the reference body.
The ship actually served as Iran's technical support and logistics station in the Red Sea, so the ship's specifications and mission had previously been officially announced to the organization.
The speculations of the foreign media in this regard, from the very beginning, pointed the finger of blame at this attack on the Zionist regime, which, considering its previous vices, made it possible.

The New York Times, however, confirmed the allegation on Wednesday, quoting a US official, and wrote that the Zionist regime had informed the United States of the attack on the Iranian ship in the Red Sea.
On the other hand, a Pentagon spokesman denied any US allegations, stating that he did not know anything about this attack, and none of the American troops were involved in this attack.
In the meantime, reacting to the New York Times report, Israeli War Minister Benny Gantz, while not directly acknowledging Tel Aviv's role in the attack on the Iranian ship, said: "Tel Aviv will enter wherever necessary and protects its security interests."
The media coverage of the incident has also been such that, without providing any evidence, accusing Iran of attacking Israeli vessels, and an attempt has been made to describe this atrocity as retaliation.
According to the statements of one of the ship's crew, if an unidentified helicopter played a role in supporting the attack on the Iranian ship, Saviz, there is a possibility that another country was involved in this incident as well.



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