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What are the consequences of Biden's confession that Trump is a terrorist?
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What are the consequences of Biden's confession that Trump is a terrorist?

By calling Trump’s supporters attack on Congress on January 7 a terrorist act, as well as blaming Trump for those actions, Biden has effectively branded the current US president as a terrorist leader.

NOURNEWS - US President-elect Joe Biden in the latest reaction to the events of Wednesday, January 6 in Washington, during which Trump supporters attacked the Congress (Capitol) building and occupied it, killing 5 people. Calling the day "the darkest day in the history of the United States", he blamed Donald Trump.

Biden called Trump's armed supporters "internal terrorists" and accused security forces of treating Trump supporters too softly.

Trump supporters stormed into Congress on Wednesday (January 6th) as the US Congress was reviewing and approving electoral votes for the November 3 presidential election, destroying and looting the complex and trying to harm opposition lawmakers. Five people, including a police officer, were killed during a raid on Trump's congressional building by Trump supporters, or "domestic terrorists."

The recent remarks of US President-elect Joe Biden are considered very important, with a "late confession" at its heart.

On the one hand, Biden has officially stated that Trump is responsible for the events of January 7 in Washington, and on the other hand, he has considered those who committed this criminal act at Trump's invitation and guidance as domestic terrorists.

The logical conclusion from Biden's remarks is that he considers Trump to be the leader of domestic terrorists, and of course the current US President Donald Trump is also a terrorist.

Biden's late confession confirms the fact that for the past four years, a terrorist with his gang has been the President of the United States of America, with the world's largest army and nuclear arsenal, with terrorist approaches to its actions on major military issues. And security has decided.

A look at the decisions and actions that took place inside and outside the United States during Trump's presidency clearly confirms Joe Biden's statements.

Undoubtedly, the most important symbol of Trump's terrorist behavior during his rule was the assassination of a high-ranking commander of one country during his official visit to another.

The assassination of General Haj Qassem Soleimani and the commanders of the resistance, who, according to friend and foe, played a key role in suppressing the cannibalistic ISIS terrorists in the region, was certainly the best gift the world terrorist leader could give to his supporters.

The Iraqi judiciary, hosted by General Soleimani, has recently issued a warrant for the arrest of US President Donald Trump, who has officially claimed responsibility for the terrorist act, paving the way for his trial for committing this crime.

Although US President-elect Joe Biden somehow supported the move after the assassination of General Soleimani and the commanders of the resistance, in the current situation and after Biden's recent remarks, he has two options.


Either he must remain with Trump as he did in the past by acknowledging his terrorist act and accept the stigma of supporting a terrorist (by his own admission), or he must have the courage to formally admit his mistake and apologize for his previous remarks and set Trump on trial. Provide the country where this crime took place and declare disgust and acquittal for confirming the behavior of a terrorist.

If Joe Biden does not take the path of acquittal of Trump, it can be concluded that the US President, like many other issues, has a double standard in assessing terrorist acts and terrorist individuals. In other words, if a terrorist and his supporters attack the US Congress and kill a number of US citizens, they should be condemned, but if the same group commits a bigger and unprecedented crime outside the US, they should be punished. They come to appreciate.

US President-elect Joe Biden can turn this field into a test to verify his statements on a very important issue, namely supporting or denying terrorism, the success or failure of which depends on courage and frankness.

Are you in favor of terrorism or against it?


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