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Publish Date : 7/8/2020 2:23:31 AM
The second screen of the magic show with the BBC

Exclusive BY NOURNEWS;

The second screen of the magic show with the BBC

The BBC's preparation news calling Iran’s intention for the attack on Israeli embassies is the second in a series of shows aimed at acknowledging Israel's role in recent events, especially the Natanz incident.

NOURNEWS - Starting in the morning of Thursday, July 3, after the incident at the Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Nuclear Complex (Natanz), the Zionist regime's media capacities, both official and proxy, were mobilized to attribute the incident to Israel connect it to regimes ability to stop Iran's nuclear program.

The media affiliated with the domination system went beyond storytelling about the Natanz incident and attributed the series of various incidents that took place in different parts of Iran to the Zionist regime in the past ten days.

Officials at the regime, however, declined to confirm the mostly Hollywood speculation in the media, as they are well aware of the unrealistic nature of the allegations and know that surfing such incidents could have irreparable consequences for Israel's vulnerable regime.

Although Israeli officials are by no means willing to accept the risks involved in the Hollywood scenarios, the actions and atmosphere of the last few days of the Zionist media and their proxy armies, including the BBC, Iran International, Radio Farda, Reuters ,… cannot be assumed outside the will and plan of the Israeli government.

The Zionist regime's main goal in designing and implementing the recent media scenarios has been to make the news of Israel's role in recent events, especially the Natanz incident.


Over the past six days, all efforts by the Iran’s opposition media have focused on finding clues in the statements of officials and even the Iranian media, which is a kind of confirmation of the Zionist regime's media line, so that they can magnify it and highlight the spaces created by them.

Iran has officially commented on the cause of the accident shortly after the incident on the Natanz nuclear site.

Keyvan Khosravi, spokesman for the Secretariat of the Supreme National Security Council, said on Friday afternoon, one day after the incident: "The main cause of the incident has been determined, but due to some security considerations, the reasons will be announced in due course."

Nearly six days after the incident, Iran has not yet commented on the cause of the blast.

Meanwhile, due to the failure of the Zionist regime to make its role believable in this incident by using the media, the second screen of the magic show, whose actor's hand was in the first show, was staged by the BBC and through Surprising news started last night.


The BBC Persian reported last night, quoting "Israeli news sources", that they are close to the regime's foreign intelligence agency (Mossad) that the organization was able to "Discover and neutralize" Iran’s plan to attack Israeli embassies in Europe and elsewhere.

Israel's Channel 12 television said the names of the countries where Mossad was said to be targeting Israeli embassies were not disclosed "for security reasons."

The Israeli newspaper, The Times of Israel quoted Mossad as saying that the motive for the attacks was the Iranian government's intense frustration with a series of fires and explosions at sensitive military and nuclear facilities in recent days.

According to the newspaper, Iranian government officials believe that Israel was involved in the attacks and that their goal was to seek revenge and warn Israel by attacking Israeli diplomatic missions in other countries.

However, as usual, Israeli officials declined to comment on the attacks or the report attributed to Mossad.

The BBC reports that it is reporting a very important incident, but "the source and location of the incident are unknown."  The set of rules required by a media outlet is highly questionable.

It is very clear that the preparation of this news was a continuation of previous scenarios, with the aim of inducing the acceptance of the role of the Zionist regime in recent events, especially the Natanz incident by Iran, and the publication of false news related to the Islamic Republic's intention to target Zionist embassies in different countries has been done with the same approach.

The Zionist regime's continued harassment of its "powerful display" at the cost of undermining the prestige of the media, which claims to be neutral and professional, shows the regime's extreme weakness and vulnerability, and confirms the fact that Israel's leaders are disappointed, looking for repetitive shows to fantasize about their unattainable dreams.


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