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Publish Date : 7/7/2020 11:53:52 PM
Are Israel and the United States ready to accept responsibility for damaging the Natanz nuclear facilities?

Exclusive BY NOURNEWS;

Are Israel and the United States ready to accept responsibility for damaging the Natanz nuclear facilities?

If the Zionist regime's involvement in the recent incident on the Natanz nuclear site is proven, the decisive role of the United States in this regard and the dangers that this change of approach and crossing the red lines of the Islamic Republic will bring to Washington cannot be ignored.

NOURNEWS - Despite the fact that more than four days have passed since the incident in one of the shelters being equipped at the Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Nuclear Complex (Natanz), the media coverage of the Zionist regime for "strong representation" of Israel continues.

These media space constructions, which are based on psychological operations techniques based on news and undocumented information from unknown sources, are carried out with various speculations, including sabotage, special operations, cyber operations, air operations, missile strikes, etc., without providing any document pursues at least two goals: "disrupting the psychological security of Iranian society" and "providing a strong image of the Zionist regime."

In this regard, two important issues need to be considered:

First of all, the recent atmosphere, which does not benefit from information and documentary news, is a kind of media flow and a purposeful program to convince domestic and foreign public opinion of the will and capability of the Zionist regime to strike at Iran's peaceful nuclear program and the almost identical reactions from Israeli officials, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, and the Israeli Foreign Minister, complement this program.

The second important issue in this category is that the Zionist regime, knowing that it is vulnerable to the Islamic Republic's response, does not dare to face Iran directly, especially in the very sensitive issue of attacking our Iran's nuclear facilities, so using such the tools instead and the media is trying to figure out the "cheap success" of the incident.

But if we want to assume, according to what the Israeli media claims, that there was an incident on the nuclear site of Natanz conducted by Zionist regime, we must consider the "strategic change" hypothesis of the Zionist regime's approach to "changing the security balance" in the region, which will have requirements.

First of all; as the Zionist regime has dared to enter the "no-go zone" and cross the red lines, the previous rules between the two fronts will be fundamentally changed due to the consequences for Iran, the region and the international community.



Secondly; it is clear that the Zionist regime, without the permission of the United States, cannot even think of encroaching on a sensitive area such as the nuclear centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, let alone take action.

So, if Israel really does that one day, it will definitely be done either at the behest of the United States or at least with the consent of Washington. In that case, there must be a "strategic change" in the US approach as well. The acceptance of this change by the United States is quite unlikely given the country's domestic and international conditions, especially in the run-up to the US presidential election, however, if the role of the Zionist regime in such an event is proven, the decisive role of the United States in this regard must be considered.

Third, by acknowledging the role of the United States in this event, it is natural to acknowledge that Washington is aware of the dangers of this change of approach and crossing red lines.

If we assume that the space construction of the official and proxy media of the Zionist regime has benefited from the reality of the past few days, we must accept that the Zionist regime has entered the realm of direct action against Iran by attracting the United States and it has also extended this approach to the issue of hitting our country's nuclear facilities.

Considering the widespread effects of a possible change in the security approaches of the Zionist regime for the security of this regime and its significant political and security risks for the United States, the acceptance of this hypothesis necessitates consideration.

It is unlikely that the vulnerable regimes of Israel and the United States will resort to such madness, regardless of the consequences.


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