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United States Must be Tried in International Courts
Head of Judiciary:

United States Must be Tried in International Courts

The head of the judiciary stated that the United States should be tried in international courts as a defendant for violating basic human rights, not as a claimant for human rights.

NOURNEWS - Iran's Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeesi on Tuesday made the remarks reacting to the cold-blood deaths on the streets of the United States in the hands of the US police.

Raeesi talked of behavior taken by the US administration towards the American people infected or killed by COVID-19, saying that the United States takes no notice of the basic human rights of its citizens. The United States must be tried today, not as a human rights claimant, but as a defendant. It's not just about skin color, it's about systematic racism in America.

The head of the judiciary stated that Imam Khomeini was well aware of the arrogant nature of the Americans, and expressed: "The spirit of anti-arrogance of the late Imam and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution originated from this knowledge of the American essence."

Referring to the performance of Imam Khomeini's executive staff, the head of the judiciary implied: "Today, the Imam's Executive Headquarters presents four million packages to the deprived, but what do they do with the deprived in the United States? The recent crime committed by the American police in the murder of a young black man shows US' true colors."

"The people of the world must see the American way of dealing with the people of the world, that leader has always insisted that there must be an anti-arrogant spirit, and that is to see the truth."

"What makes the soul of the late Imam happy is charity and blessings such as paying attention to the oppressed, and standing up to the oppressors."

The head of the judiciary, stating that the Islamic society is a society based on justice, expressed: "The late Imam has always introduced justice as one of the pillars of the revolution. Justice is the broadest and most comprehensive rationale that includes all arspects."

He added: "Efforts have been made in these 40 years, but it is necessary to look at this issue again, because poverty is the product of economic and social injustice in society and does not beautify the system of the Islamic Republic. Therefore, the face of the Islamic Republic should not be damaged in any way by poverty and ugly behavior."

The head of the judiciary said: "All the responsibility of different parts of the country is aiding the poor so they do not feel the need, the emphasis of the Supreme Leader is that the poor should not feel deprived."

Reisi added: "People's generosity and help is a valuable and lasting movement in the history of the country, They should write and record what good public mobilization do in following the leader's path. Today, this faithful help, which began with the guidance of the wise leader of the revolution, is a beautiful manifestation that must be shown to the world in the light of religious teachings."

The head of the judiciary stated that we have three services in general: "A service based on a materialistic service, second one is humanistic service and is done for social cohesion and altruism, But the service that the Imam taught us is to serve the people for God, which service is in the name of God? It is helping the poor and the needy."

He continued: "Together with the government and all the agencies, we must work together to make the leap forward, and we hope that this move will save the hereafter for our friends."

Referring to Iran's actions in the fight against Corona, the head of the judiciary pointed out: "The first reason for our success was undoubtedly the role of the leadership in guiding all the country's capacities, this calming of the people played a great role in this case. The second was the role of the people and their participation. The people came together and this was the key to our success."

He reminded: "Convincing people to stay at home was very important and the role of the government and the armed forces and all institutions in this regard is very commendable."

This morning, on the eve of the 31st anniversary of Imam Khomeini's Departure, The "Imam Khomeini's Blessing Exercise" was held in the presence of Ayatollah Ibrahim Ra'isi, Head of the Judiciary, and Mohammad Mokhber, Head of the Imam's Executive Headquarters, in the holy shrine of Imam Khomeini.

Inauguration of more than 2,400 development projects across the country, funding of 188,000 jobs for Coronavirus victims, assistance in providing 3,500 housing for families with disabilities, and sending 4 million protein livelihood packages to disadvantaged areas of the country. One of the parts of this exercise is the Implementation of Imam Khomeini's order.

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