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Publish Date : 6/2/2020 3:21:18 PM
Imam Khomeini's Path Guarantees our Independence and Dignity

Parliament Speaker:

Imam Khomeini's Path Guarantees our Independence and Dignity

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: "A strong Iran from within will be a model of inspiration for a system that is tired of global oppression. Imam Khomeini's path guarantees both our independence and dignity and brought us justice and progress."

NOURNEWS - Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in a public session of the parliament today (Tuesday, June 2, 2020) in his speech before his order, stated: "Imam Khomeini's path has been experienced in reality and we have seen it clearly in different periods of history, wherever our problems have been covered we have acted according to his method, suddenly, and in disbelief, in front of all the superpowers of the world we have been able to find solutions and overcome all of our problems."

He added: "The question is why we have not fully realized these two basic elements of the Imam School, namely, the belief in God and the belief of the people in our 40-year internal management model."

Parliament Speaker stated that a brief review of the successes and failures of the Islamic Revolution shows that whenever we have included these two beliefs along with self-belief as the third pillar of the Imam's view, we have achieved brilliant results, and stated: "Has the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the success of the Holy Defense, the increase of the defense power, the scientific progress, the increase of the regional power, the victory of the Resistance Front and other small and large examples of our success been achieved are not based on these pillars? This same approach is the solution to our problems today."

"We have no way to overcome the problems but to move on the path of godliness, people-centeredness and a firm belief that we ourselves are capable to solve them, undoubtedly, moving in the direction of the Imam School under the leadership of the Supreme Leader will strengthen the individual of our dear Iranians in all areas, especially in the economic field."

"A strong Iran from within will be a model of inspiration for a system that is tired of global oppression. Imam Khomeini's path guarantees both our independence and dignity and brought us justice and progress."

"In the 11th parliament, we must commit ourselves to all decisions and actions based on the principles of the Imam's line, and the main and most advanced symbol of this approach is the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei."

"We hope that God will grant us the success of perseverance in this path"

He stated that one of the special distinctions of Imam Khomeini (as) was his multidimensional personality and the important point is that without exaggeration, his personality aspects were at their peak in all areas.

"Belief in God and the Belief of the people were the two basic aspects that led him to fulfill a seemingly impossible goal by believing in divine traditions and relying on the people, in the first stage, to overthrow the seemingly powerful government of the evil Pahlavi regime, and in the second stage, to establish a fundamental and basic challenge for the arrogant system in the world."

Qalibaf also raised the question of whether, if his successor, Ayatollah Khamenei, did not extend the belief in God and the people, was it possible for Iran today to be able to counter the security, cultural and political attacks with all these sanctions, threats and destruction, and to become today the symbol and model of resistance, resistance and independence against the arrogant regime?

He continued: "Could it be that except with divine help and with the help of the people, the military would have been able to destroy the armed forces of the past? Would it have been possible to enter into a completely unequal war with the help of God and the people? And without the help of both sides of the bipolar system, did it go to a completely unequal war at that time, and in the end, did it emerge victorious and proud?"

The head of the country's legislature implied that all of us acknowledge our internal problems and failures, but a fair and uninformed person does not admit today that the Imam's 40-year revolution will not affect the world system, as he pointed out: "The revolution of Imam Khomeini (as) has shown to the elites of the world today, and God willing, in the future it will show the people of the world that It is possible not to bow down in the face of overt and covert coercion, and first to pull the superpowers down from the ivory tower and to show them that they are all powerless."

"He then showed all the people, especially the free people around the world, who have lost their lives in the war of attrition and the corruption of the superpowers, that without the support of the arrogant and by trampling on their arrogant temperament, honor, dignity, independence and dignity can be achieved, this is the lesson that the Imam's revolution has taught over the past 40 years, and its successful experience has impressed the world today."

In the end, he stated: Imam Khomeini, in the high sense of the wise leader of the revolution, is the first teacher of the new age, a new age that the Islamic Revolution of Iran started with the strategy of the intellectual challenge and influenced the rules governing the unjust world system. Today, its success by America's defeat in Al-Assad base and the independence of Iranian oil tankers, it inspires a larger section of the world community.


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