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Publish Date : 5/27/2020 1:54:56 AM
Russia and the coronavirus

Interview BY: Costantino Ceoldo

Russia and the coronavirus

From beginning there was support for families with children and official unemployed (who lost job during first phase of lockdown) only. After one month government promised to give tax payments of 2019 back to small and big business.

NOURNEWS - The coronavirus epidemic wanted a ruthless and cruel tribute from Italy. The virus has hit hard, breaking lives, canceling projects, destroying futures. And not equally on all our unfortunate country. While the central and southern regions have been affected in an apparently lighter way, it is in the North that there has been such an increase in mortality that it has easily sent into a deep panic not only the local governments but also the national one. Lombardy has been scourged by COVID-19 so much that it hurried the hospitals and throws doctors and nurses in despair because they saw dozens, then hundreds, and finally thousands of patients die quickly. I doubt that the deep reasons for this abysmal discrepancy between Lombardy and the rest of the nation will ever be investigated. In fact, they touch enormous interests: first, those of the pharmaceutical corporations, with their broths passed off as saving vaccines. But then also those of the mere survival of a political class (Left or Right does not matter) increasingly inadequate to guide the country and in any case expression of an Italian people who still trust it and feel represented by it because it is rapidly evolving in the form of a vertical primitive. The neo-barbarian,that is, devoid of historical memory and therefore unable to face challenges and problems by resorting to the experience of those who lived before him. So Maurizio Blondet reminds us, citing the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset.

Under the eyes of all of us is the situation produced the blahblahblah of the government in office. With its decrees, its lives on Facebook, its hotshots / promises about economic measures that will be very difficult if not impossible to achieve.

How much difference with the usual Germany of Angela Merkel, who drew on economic resources that apparently would not have had if it had really applied those economic rules of austerity and severity that it has always requested to others, Greece in the first place but also to Italy. In this Europe, there are two weights and two measures and only the Italian Left does not want to notice them, happily followed by those who vote for it until the final destruction.

This epidemic is pandemic and therefore it is reasonable to ask how other countries have faced this challenge with deadly traits.

Leonid Savin of the Eurasian Movement replies about Russia, affected in its entirety to an extent not even remotely comparable to Italian Lombardy

1) Mr. Savin, can you remind to our readers how the Russian government acted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?
A) The question is what is beginning. Lockdown in Moscow and many regions in Russia started March 26. Many thinks it was so late to stop spreading of the virus. Sanitary masks was not obliged (just recommended) until the end of May. But restrictions for moves imposed in the April. The interesting fact is Russia send some assistance to other countries like Italy, Serbia, etc. And we got some assistance from China. There also was clear "separation" inside the decision making process. No emergency situation announced, and all orders came from governors and mayors (+ special federal council). Moscow was impacted the most and here we have half of all infected (and mortal cases) in Russia.

2) Have the health measures adopted proved effective in containing the spread of the epidemic?
A) I think that hospitals were prepared well, but issue is about health care system in general. For last years, it was reformed and ordinary people don't like it. In addition, many not like new type of "social control" system. If you infected by COVID-19 but your state is OK and need no to be in hospital or if you have any kind of flu or similar virus infection you should to sit at home and to download special app on your mobile. But it not works well, many technical failures take place and persons got penalties (from 4000 rubles and more). It is not good for image of authorities. And it is not real health care. I don't know what happens inside the hospitals exactly. Because there is no vaccines, complex set of some drugs and vitamins used for healing. Situation also depends of immunity. Western media started kind of misinformation campaign against Russia and asked why so small numbers of mortal cases in Russia. I think it is also because many Russians not use every year anti-flu vaccinations exported from the West. Few years ago, district doctor from clinic proposed me to do vaccination, but I refused. Actually I did this type of anti flu vaccination only once in my life about 15 years ago. Of course I’m not deny vaccination at all cause there are many obligatory vaccines, especially for children. However, anti flu vaccine seems like oxymoron, cause flu doing mutations every year. About week ago, government of Moscow announced free tests for those who want check if they have antibodies for COVID (random sampling from Moscow population - propose send by SMS and those who get it can go to district clinic or can not go). Some thousand persons visited clinics.

3) From an economic point of view, has the State helped people and businessmen in difficulty because of the quarantine?
A) From beginning there was support for families with children and official unemployed (who lost job during first phase of lockdown) only. After one month government promised to give tax payments of 2019 back to small and big business. New law was adopted about rent of trade (market) places in trade centers. Some state and private companies already got donations from budget and more asked for support. There also special groups of social assistants were organized and they providing food and drugs to elders and those who can't leave the flat and to by food by ownselves.

4) What is the current health situation in Russia? Are the population tired of the restrictive measures?
A) Most of people disappointed of the limits - for example if they can use public transport with distance of 1,5 meters why they can go to the parks for walking on the same conditions? There also conspiracy theories from links of COVID with 5G technologies until global interests of Big Pharma and Malthusian policy of the world government. But some regions already started to lift bans. Officially, situation with coronavirus now is better. Less infected across the Russia.

5) Could you tell us your opinion on the origin of this coronavirus that blocked the whole planet?
A) In short, all in the God's hands. When started discussions about labs and genetic modifications there are always natural roots for all these manipulations. Most of viruses have natural origin and have mutations. Sometime humans help to viruses be stronger directly or indirectly. For example, when we use antibiotics for meat industry it means that after some time certain balance will be destroyed and meat eaters will be more vulnerable. But chemicals also used for vegetarian production. It is closed cycle. And China always was natural place for many viruses (like region of equator around the globe, especially where tropic climate is). I think that Wuhan laboratory not deal with this pandemic.

6) How do you think the geopolitics of the world will change after the coronavirus?
A) Last few months we see how world became more closed. It is clear trend of deglobalization. In other hand some well-known globalists who are owners of companies like Amazon, etc., have got more income. There is technological jump into cyberspace. People started to use specific tools and apps that need no direct contact, visit and moves. Connectivism and netism ideology will be more influential. Because of supply chains are distorted many states now looking for alternatives and autarky. It will lead to rely on yourself. In this situation, many parasites will lose. However, I think that battle is not finished yet. In last article, Richard Haas told about bad and good sides of globalization. Of course there are. We should to separate the really good elements (sharing of information, speed of solidarity, communications) from the bad ones like greed of transnational corporations, total control, monopoly and turbocapitalism without any teleology if speak about human existence.



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