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The whispers of the end of Israel can be heard in the streets of Tel Aviv
Major General Bagheri in a message on the occasion of World Quds Day;

The whispers of the end of Israel can be heard in the streets of Tel Aviv

Stating that the Palestinian people's intifada has gone beyond the occupied territories and entered a crucial phase, the chief of staff of the Armed Forces said: "The whispering of the end of the usurper Israel can be heard in the streets of Tel Aviv."

NOURNEWS- Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, issued a message on the occasion of the International Day of Quds in 1399.

The text of the message of the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces is as follows:

"in the name of God"

The tragic story of Palestine with the "deal of the century" of Trumpism and the betrayal of the Arab reaction and some false and deceitful claimants to support Jerusalem and the aspirations of the oppressed Palestinian nation - which seeks to normalize political relations with the fake and usurping Zionist regime The Palestinian intifada has taken the stage of destiny beyond the occupied territories.

Zionism, which, under the protection of the United States and its evil allies, has committed evil and bloody domination of the Holy Land by committing continuous and relentless crimes for 72 years, has today well understood those who are the main refuge of oppression against the Palestinian people and their occupation of their ancestral homeland. Today, they are in a huge quagmire of events and problems, and they are no longer able to ensure the survival of the Zionist regime.

The strategic depth of the "Palestinian Resistance" discourse, with its pervasive influence on the geography of Jerusalem and the surrounding land, has weakened the will of the occupiers, and these days the whispers of the end of the usurper Israel can be heard even in the streets and barracks of Tel Aviv.

However, the rituals of the International Day of Quds this year, 41 years after Mubarak's life, in the shadow of Imam Khomeini's strategic and historical strategy, under the influence of Corona disease and the measures and medical and health requirements of national and international organizations, held a march and a field resurrection Millions of anti-Zionists have distanced themselves, but the holy wrath of the resistance fighters and the hearts of all the oppressed and supportive hearts of the oppressed, as well as those of humanity who have returned to their divine nature more than ever after the outbreak of Corona, have been sympathetic to the Palestinian people. More than ever, I call for the support of Palestine and Byzantium Zionism into a variety of shapes and forms, with meaningful and effective and promising dismantling infanticide and oppressive regime and become arrogant powers and the Zionist usurper project bargain of the century will be the Achilles' heel of America.

Now, in the inspiring atmosphere of these days, the renewal of the Iran-Iran pact and the unification of free societies, nations, rights, oppression and domination of Muslims, after understanding Layali Mubarak Qadr and benefiting from the endless spiritual and luminous blessings of the holy month of Ramadan The world of Eid al-Fitr, stronger and more determined than ever, signed the document of disgrace of the false claimants of democracy and the rights of nations with their determination and will, and the loud cry of freedom of Quds Sharif and the fulfillment of Imam Khomeini's eternal slogan in "Israel's disappearance from the page" The strategy of the righteous successor of Hazrat Imam Khamenei and the leadership of Imam Khamenei Laly) that "Palestine from the sea to the river" to the will and the grace of God, criminality and terrorism expel America from the region will be an introduction to it.

The evil confrontation between the terrorist and hated US regime and the Islamic Revolution and the great nation of Iran should also be noted. They are the trumpet of war, and they have nothing to do with their anti-Iranian threats and sanctions, and they can only watch the waving of the flag raised by the martyrs of the resistance, "Prideful General Haj Qasem Soleimani" and his devoted comrades in West Asia, with envy and jealousy. Undoubtedly, wise statements Wise and brave and visionary leader at the helm decisively and strategically positions the Islamic Revolution (Mdzlhalaly) in Qods Day this year require his special lecture on the second Friday June 99, pave the way for the Islamic Ummah, particularly the Islamic resistance fighters in the pursuit of noble ideals will be the liberation of Qods.

In the end, we honor the memory of the precious martyrs of the bloody Palestinian Intifada and the Islamic Resistance and reassure the ideals of Jerusalem and the Palestinian people. Among the new seditions are the annexation of the West Bank to the occupied territories. Neglect In this scene a short betraying the nation Quran and Islam. "


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