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Publish Date : 5/16/2020 8:10:54 PM
German Foreign Minister: Repressive regimes exploit coronavirus

German Foreign Minister: Repressive regimes exploit coronavirus

The German Foreign Minister expressed concern over the restrictions imposed by the Corona Crisis on human rights in various countries around the world. "We are concerned that the Corona crisis will strengthen authoritarianism," he said.

NOURNEWS- Speaking in the German parliament, German Foreign Minister Haiku Moss said the Corona crisis had multiple serious consequences. He cited, for example, the growing repression and harassment of journalists.

"Even in the heart of Europe, we are witnessing the use of emergency measures to counter the Corona crisis in order to 'restrict citizens' rights and rule of law,'" Moss said.

According to Deutsche Welle, the German Foreign Minister welcomed the start of the European Commission's systematic monitoring of emergency measures related to the Corona crisis in EU member states. This monitoring includes Hungary before any other country. The Hungarian parliament has delegated extensive and unlimited powers to Victor Urban, the country's nationalist and right-wing prime minister in connection with the Corona pandemic, under the heading of a state of emergency.

The bill, passed by the Hungarian parliament, allows Victor Urban to extend the state of emergency as long as the law requires, without the need for a legislative vote.

Haiku Moss stressed that measures taken against the Corona Pandem in all countries temporarily restrict citizens' rights in various forms, while these measures should pursue legitimate goals and be relative and, above all, temporary.

Earlier, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had expressed concern over the use of the Corona crisis by some governments as "an excuse to resort to repressive measures." He warned that the crisis caused by the spread of covid 19 could jeopardize human rights.

Guterres reported an increase in hate speech, targeting vulnerable groups, and repressive security measures in some countries, which he said weakened health care measures to combat the corona pandemic.

"Given the rise of ethnicism and nationalism, populism and authoritarianism, and the increasing repression of human rights regulations in some countries, the Corona Crisis could be an excuse to take repressive measures for purposes unrelated to the disease," Guterres warned.”



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