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Pompeo's new statement on extending Iran's arms embargo

Pompeo's new statement on extending Iran's arms embargo

The Secretary of State issued a statement reiterating his previous allegations against Tehran, calling for an extension of Iran's arms embargo by the United Nations.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has issued a statement urging UN Security Council member states to extend sanctions on Iran.

Under the terms of the UN Security Council, Iran's arms embargo will expire in a few months, so the United States is working hard to extend the sanctions.

In a statement, Pompeo called on countries to support the United Nations' extension of the UN arms embargo on Iran by making allegations against Iran's space and missile program.

"Iran has been claiming for years that its space program is completely peaceful and civilian," Pompeo said in a statement, referring to the successful launch of the Noor satellite. The Trump administration has never believed that. The launch of the military satellite this week by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps shows that we have always said that Iran's space program is neither peaceful nor completely civilian.

Pompeo went on to claim that the satellite, which has already been launched, consists of similar technologies that can be replaced by ballistic missile technology, which includes long-range systems such as ballistic missiles from the continental shelf. No country has ever used the power of ballistic missiles on the continent except to carry nuclear weapons. All peace-loving countries must reject the development of Iran's ballistic missile technology and join forces to stop Iran's dangerous missile program. To begin with, countries must support the extension of the UN arms embargo against Iran, which will expire in October.


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