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Publish Date : 4/7/2024 9:02:44 AM
Israeli warplanes target eastern Lebanon

Israeli warplanes target eastern Lebanon

Warplanes of the Zionist regime has carried out yet another attack on Lebanon as tensions remain high between the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement and Israel over the war on Gaza.

Lebanese news sources reported on Sunday morning that the Beqaa Valley in eastern Lebanon was targeted by the Zionist regime.

The heights around Janta village in Beqaa were targeted by an air strike, the Al-Mayadin news network reported, adding that the Israeli fighter jet was seen flying at low altitude in the mountains of eastern Lebanon at the time of the attack.

So far, there have been no reports of human casualties or damage from the attack but footage showed a loud explosion in the area.

The Israeli airstrikes come just hours after Hezbollah informed about targeting a gathering of Israeli soldiers in retaliation for an earlier raid by the Zionist regime on southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah has largely been targeting Israeli military positions and spy installations and has repeatedly said that it will continue its operation until the regime ceases its bloody war against Gazans. But Israel has stepped up stacks on civilian areas in Lebanon.


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