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Publish Date : 2/12/2024 7:52:03 PM
Iran to put foreign satellites into orbit in two years: Minister

Iran to put foreign satellites into orbit in two years: Minister

Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Isa Zare’pour has said that the Islamic Republic aims to put into space satellites of other countries, using Iranian-made carriers and launchers within the next two years.

The minister made the comment on Monday as he spoke about Iran’s achievements in the space industry since President Ebrahim Raisi’s administration took office in August 2021.

Iran’s space industry is back on track and has witnessed significant growth over the past two years, the minister said, adding that the number of space launches in the past two years is as equal as the launches carried out over ten years earlier.

Iran is self-sufficient when it comes to manufacturing imaging and measurement satellites, and is presently working on increasing the accuracy of its satellites, Zare’pour said.

Iranian-made rockets are capable of launching satellites weighing 100 to 200 kg, he said, adding that the country also possesses stations that receive satellite signals.

All these cases show that Iran now indigenized the space industry, the minister noted.  


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