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Publish Date : 1/5/2024 11:18:32 PM
The first statement of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence regarding the terror attack in Kerman

The first statement of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence regarding the terror attack in Kerman

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence has published the first announcement regarding the terrorist incident in Kerman, in which the nationality of one of the terrorists and the arrest of several members of their support network in 6 provinces of the country are reviewed and explained.

NOURNEWS- Public relations of the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran has published some details about the terrorist incident in Kerman in the first announcement of the ministry regarding this cowardly terror attack, which is as follows:

With deep regret and sadness from the recent terrorist attack that happened on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the great leader of the Islamic world, martyred Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, and with condolences for the martyrdom of a group of compatriots, the proud nation of Iran, to the people who still raise people similar to “Soleimani”, to the people of Kerman and especially to the bereaved dear families, and praying for the immediate and complete healing of the injured, we declare:

1- In a short time after the fatal incident, the Anonymous Soldiers of Imam Zaman discovered the first traces of ISIS terrorist agents and identified other agents who cooperate and support the terrorists as well as other possible criminals, with the cooperation of all security, law enforcement and The intelligence of the country implemented extensive national intelligence, technical, and security measures.

2- Out of the two dead suicide terrorists, one had Tajik nationality and the identity of the second terrorist has not yet been definitively established.

3- With the identification of the factors that brought the terrorists into the country, the first arrest operation was carried out in the evening of the day of the incident.

4. On the morning of the next day Thursday, 4 January, the residence used by the two dead terrorists was identified in the outskirts of the city of Kerman, as well as 2 elements supporting and supplying the said residence, were identified and arrested.

5- In the continuation of the operation, 9 people from the support network of the terrorist team and its associates were identified and arrested in 6 provinces of the country. This operation will continue until the arrest of the last person who was involved in supporting the criminals in any way and to any extent.

6- The reason for not publishing any statement until this moment was due to the discovery of ready-made explosive equipment at the residence of the terrorists, which could indicate the possibility of the presence and referral of other agents to transfer explosive materials and use them in other places. Some of the discovered equipment are 2 explosive vests, 2 remote control devices, 2 explosive detonators, several thousand bullets used in explosive vests, wiring prepared for the vests, and quantities of explosive raw materials.

7- Since the identification operations as well as the secondary supply measures are being carried out in the country and abroad with all the available capacities, the other information obtained will be brought to the attention of the noble nation of Iran at the appropriate time.

8- The widespread presence of the noble nation of Islamic Iran in the continuation of the commemoration gatherings of Martyr Soleimani as well as in the funeral ceremonies of the martyrs and the strong condemnation of that blind terrorist act, as always, has been and will be neutralizing the sedition and conspiracies of the enemies, including ISIS mercenaries and American and Zionist ISIS creators. While bowing to the greatness of this great nation, the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman assure the wise leader of the Islamic Revolution that “the soldiers of Soleimani's path will give a harsh response to the wickedness of the criminals.”


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