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Publish Date : 11/19/2023 1:31:52 PM
Israel's lies are exposed one after another; This time, Sweden's tourist attraction instead of Hamas tunnels


Israel's lies are exposed one after another; This time, Sweden's tourist attraction instead of Hamas tunnels

While Israel has claimed by publishing pictures that it was able to enter the underground tunnels of Hamas, it is now known that these tunnels are related to a tourist attraction on the island of "Skeppsholmen" in Sweden which include military tunnels that date back to World War II!

NOURNEWS- During the forty-two days that have passed since the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Zionist regime has always tried to publish various news, to prove that it was successful in hitting the main defensive strength of the Hamas group, which is this groups' underground tunnels.

During the past weeks, Israel has martyred more than 11,500 innocent people, most of whom were women and children, with brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip, but it has not yet achieved significant success in seriously confronting the military power of Hamas.

Due to the extreme weakness in striking the military power of Hamas and the significant casualties it has suffered in the past forty days, this regime has now resorted to lying and presenting fake pictures of tunnels that are not actually in Gaza to support its desperate military forces by creating and inducing the illusion of victory.

Israel recently released a video claiming to have entered the underground tunnels of Hamas, but investigations show that the footage of this video is from the tunnels of the island of “Skeppsholmen” in Sweden. These military tunnels date back to World War II and are currently among the tourist attractions of this island!

The publication of false news and fake images by Israel has been done many times in the past forty days with the aim of proving its false claims and gaining an apparent victory. Since the first days of this regime's attack on the Gaza Strip, fake news such as the aggression of the resistance forces against Israeli prisoners and the lies about the weapons found in Al-Shifa hospital, are some of the actions and fake narrations that have been followed and created by the Zionist regime.

The claim of the Zionist regime about the discovery of weapons and ammunition in the al-Shifa hospital, which was made by publishing pictures of several weapons, followed a wide wave of ridicule and humor in the media and social networks, and many people asked why the Zionist regime has used its brutal attacks and heavy bombardment that caused dozens of children to be killed, sick and injured just to fight against these simple guns allegedly found in al-Shifa hospital.

The Israeli army finally removed the video of the false claim of finding weapons in the al-Shifa hospital on the social network “X” (formerly Twitter) after a wave of protests and widespread ridicule and questions were raised about the previous claims of the Israeli army that the headquarters of Hamas is located under the hospital, and that's the location that Hamas was holding its prisoners.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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