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Publish Date : 9/22/2023 8:10:14 AM
UNGA; The dull geopolitical weapon of the US

UNGA; The dull geopolitical weapon of the US

In contrast to popular belief and biased narrations of western and especially Persian-Language media, UNGA was a success for Iran and Russia and every other independent country trying to expand their relations and shattering narrated lies about their nations.

NOURNEWS- The US President Joe Biden has once again turned the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) into a runway for touting US “leadership.” Even though a handful of problems, namely climate change and growing hunger crisis, are becoming more serious concerns of the international community. Biden, as the president of the US which is leader of the western countries, has made the Ukraine crisis the spotlight of the gathering to shore up the alliance of US-centered small cliques and used the crisis as a weapon to attack other countries at the meeting; whilst also covering up his cliché, hollow proposals for the Global South's development, which is the main focus of this year's UNGA.

Biden's move of diverting the focus of UNGA and focusing on Ukraine as a subject for attacking other countries, has again assured Global South countries of Washington's lack of interest in helping developing countries, and his attempt was a failure for Western countries' policy and a victory for countries such as Iran.

Apart from the usual snarling at Russia and Iran’s nuclear program and baseless accusations against Tehran, Biden also made what seemed like softened-tone remarks on China-US relation, as “to responsibly manage competition” between Beijing and Washington “so it does not tip into conflict.” The US president's words only show the White House now has few arrows in its quiver for handling the world's most important bilateral relationship, which its consequences will affect the world as a whole and their economic face off will hinder numerous countries’ economies. Experts believe that although US- China bilateral ties still have a “window of opportunity,” the US' usual actions-don't-match-words practice makes it harder to predict if Washington will take any action to improve ties.

Speaking at UNGA on Tuesday, Biden called on world leaders to not let support for Ukraine diminish, arguing that Russia is counting on countries to grow tired of a prolonged conflict in Kyiv which will “allow it to brutalize Ukraine without consequence.” He claimed that the world must remain united in defending Ukraine against Russia, warning that no nation can be secure if “we allow Ukraine to be carved up.”

But, the most violent wars in recent history of mankind were all organized and started at the hands of US presidents. Interestingly, Joe Biden has forgotten the warmongering history of his own country or America’s disastrous and sudden departure from Afghanistan, but of course, we cannot expect much else out of him when we consider his age and his blooper reels. In a video circulating online, Biden fumbled when talking about the Russia-Ukraine crisis, mistaking the UN for the US: “If we abandon the core principles of the US (UN Charter) to appease an aggressor…” and the same person is trying to put countries of the world against each other and fill his pockets with these conflicts.

An unsuccessful attempt for hijacking UNGA

As expected, the US president has put the Russia-Ukraine crisis at the center stage at this year's UNGA, despite the annual high-level General Debate is themed “rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity.” But, every country of global south and even some of European countries only focused on the expansion of their relations and convergence with other countries such as Iran, which is evident in country's president meeting with high officials of numerous countries. The UNGA was mostly successful in keeping up with its theme of “rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity”.

By emphasizing on the Ukraine crisis, Biden tried to enhance the alliance of it country’s small cliques, and also use the topic to smear and crack down on other countries and hijack the UNGA to serve as the US geopolitical weapon. It is also reported that Biden will urge the UN to expand the Security Council for the US to add countries including Germany and Japan to dilute the influence of China and Russia.

Although the ongoing crisis is an urgent matter that awaits to be resolved, it is still not the top priority for most developing countries, who are counting on the UNGA to help them solve development dilemmas. The US' seeking of using such valuable platform to sow discord and tear up solidarity may invite resentment of the Global South and furthermore proves Iran’s president points made in his speech at UNGA regarding the failure of the hegemony of the West and the US and their policies for managing the world.

President Raisi said: The people of West Asia have seen the true meaning of Western democracy up-close and know that it is only a code name for coup, occupation, plunder, and war. The task of the world is clear with the project and school of liberal democracy, and they know that it is nothing but a velvet glove under which there is a cast iron hand. The school of thought that the West wanted to be a model for the world has become a lesson and is nearing the end of its journey.

Dennis Francis, president of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly who presided over the opening of the debate of this year's UNGA, said on Tuesday that “I urge you, member states, to use this high-level week not to fan the flames of conflict and hostility, but instead, to opt for dialogue and diplomacy. We must remember that peace is an investment in our collective prosperity.” While some progress had been made on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the SDG Summit is being convened on the sidelines of the General Debate in a context where there have been unacceptable delays and rollbacks, Francis noted.

Unfortunately, Biden, who touted US global leadership, has failed to offer a substantial proposal to push for the development of the Global South or any solution to current crises of the world. He simply said “we all need to do more” when it comes to accelerating global progress on the SDGs, and he failed to mention that his country is the main culprit for creating conflicts in every region of the world.

Biden's speech was hollow and the only applause he received was when he was talking about marshalling allies to defend Ukraine … Maybe this is the only thing he feels proud of. However, it also revealed the fact that the US has little interest in Global South affairs.

But gladly, countries of the world are becoming aware of the occurring change in the structure and order of the world, despite the fact that Joe Biden specifically asked for more support for Ukraine – NATO’s proxy war – against Russia, countries such a Poland declared the end of their support of Ukraine and the officials of Warsaw have started to think about their own country.

In contrast to popular belief and biased narrations of western and especially Persian-Language media, UNGA was a success for Iran and Russia and every other independent country trying to expand their relations and shattering narrated lies about their nations. President Raisi’s trip to New York and his meeting with officials of numerous countries such as Japan’s PM and his press conference with Western think tanks and media members and expanding on matters regarding Iran, or Lavrov’s decision to host BRICS ministerial meeting on the sidelines of the UNGA in an attempt to show the failure of the West for isolating Russia are all an evidence for proving the aforementioned claim about Iran and Russia’s success in UNGA and international relations.

BY: Homayoun Barkhor


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