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A note about the introduction of Baha'i
BY: Seyed Fatemeh Hosseini

A note about the introduction of Baha'i

Ever since the Baha'i sect was established, there has been nothing but division and hatred for Iranians By abusing the unfavorable economic situation during the Qajar dynasty and then the Pahlavi dynasty, they were able to gain influence in the culture of the Iranian people and introduced themselves as a new religion.

NOURNEWS - Ever since the Baha'i sect was established, there has been nothing but division and hatred for Iranians By abusing the unfavorable economic situation during the Qajar dynasty and then the Pahlavi dynasty, they were able to gain influence in the culture of the Iranian people and introduced themselves as a new religion. What do you know about Baha'i? Do you think that Baha'i is a divine religion? Maybe this note will help you a little so that you can get to know the Baha'is better and look for more truth about this sect. From the point of view of the powers and governments opposed to religion and divine religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism, one of the easiest ways to deal with them is to create different sects among these religions that can mislead the society. so that they can have more control over the people of the world. When they could not create differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims within Islam, they started to establish the Baha'i sect as a branch of Shia and the Wahhabi sect as a branch of Sunnis. that they can cause division among Muslims by creating doubt in the rules of the divine religion. In the end, Baha'i did not sit idle to get close to the followers of other divine religions and mislead them. Undoubtedly, today all the sects, especially the Baha'i sect, by using propaganda tools and taking into account psychological and social issues and misusing the religious and religious feelings of the people, mislead their thoughts and seek to attract people. Deviations are in fact a deception to replace divine religions. But what is Bahá'í? The followers of Hossein Ali Nouri, known as "Bahá'u'lláh", the founder of the Baha'i sect, are called Baha'is, and the formations of this sect are called Baha'is. I do not use the term "religion" for Baha'i, because I understood that Baha'i is actually a political and international organization that has common goals with Zionist! The important point is that they became a dynamic arm of the global domination system. They insult all holy things by using religious literature!! This sect cannot operate without the support of the great powers of the empire, England, Israel and America. Apart from Muslim scholars, sociologists and researchers of American and European religious sciences all over the world have criticized this sect and they have all admitted to being a Baha'i sect. Karen Buckett, Michael Zergraf, etc.. But what are the common goals with Zionism and the great powers mentioned above? First, the division of Iran and the attempt to destroy Iran's national authority, and then to destroy all the governments of the world and establish the Bahá'í monarchy. Second, creating deviation and weakening the religious and belief foundations of the people. Also, in order to achieve their goal, that is, to completely destroy the identity of the Islamic society in the western culture, in order to fully secure the interests of the governments in the Islamic societies, they had to act in three stages: the complete negation of the Islamic identity, emphasis on the national and ancient identity and The trend towards "patriotism" and sacrificing the national identity in front of the related global role and identity. The first step in Iran was taken by the Babite sect, from which Baha'iism began. Baha'u'llah, who was originally a follower of the Babite sect, officially rejected Islam. The second step, which had a strong and dubious emphasis on the nation and the ancient national identity, was taken by the "Eternals" along with secular intellectuals without religion. The third step was also taken by Baha'is who emphasized on coexistence with all religions and religious pluralism and cosmopolitanism, this is the most modern method of complete cultural, political and economic absorption and digestion of Iranians and other nations in the globalized culture, politics and economy of the West and especially America. It is considered For this reason, Baha'is in all races and countries are very important for America. There are historical documents and authentic evidences in the origin, strengthening and continuation of this sect. Among these evidences are the memoirs of Prince of Russia "Kiniaz Dalgorki", the intelligence agent, ambassador and minister of power of the Tsarist Russian government in Iran!! Dalgorki writes in his memoirs: I thought how these few Shiites overcame a government like Ottoman and how they were able to fight wars with Russia and win. Then I understood that these victories were due to the religious unity and faith they had in the religion of Islam. I also wanted to establish a religion that does not recognize the homeland. Because Iran's conquests were due to patriotism and religious unity. After Russia, England also continued in the same direction, as the British spy "Humfer", while introducing the plans of the Ministry of British Colonies, to disintegrate Islamic countries and destroy the Islamic unity, created sects as the most important way to reach This goal evaluates. America is the third colonial government with which Baha'i has had a deep and stable connection throughout history and still has the most connection with it. According to Bahá'ís, the cradle of their administrative order and, in fact, the organizing center of Bahá'í organizations is located in America. In one of the SAVAK documents, it is stated that, now we have an order from America and London to promote the fashion of clothing and hijab in this country so that Muslims can remove the niqab. Make the Muslim nation suffer. But the Jews, they also played a great role in the emergence, expansion and growth of the Bábí and Bahá'í sects, historical researches emphasize the early links of the Báb and his followers with certain centers that a network of powerful and wealthy Jewish families were one of its main partners. A significant number of Jews became Baha'is. For the reason that they can help in the expansion of this sect, but they still remained Jews. The relationship between Baha'i leaders and Zionism has a history longer than the life of the Israeli regime. The transfer and exile of Bahá'u'lláh to Palestine was long before the establishment of Israel and provided the basis for the closeness and cooperation of Bahá'ís with the Zionist centers. This relationship continued and the Baha'is took a serious part in the realization of the strategy of establishing the Jewish state in Palestine, which began in the years 1870 and 1880 AD. After Israel's victory, Abdu'l-Bahá prayed to the Baha'i leaders for the glory of Israel. For the first time, the name "Holy Land" was heard from Shoghi Effendi, one of the Baha'i leaders. Baha'is have always defended Israel in the Arab-Israeli war. The connection and relationship of Baha'is with Israel caused Israel to take maximum advantage of the existence of Baha'is in Islamic countries against Islam and the situation of Islamic countries and Muslims, so that Baha'is also entered the Mossad and are spying. The introduction of this sect is so important that to know them, one has to spend special intelligence so as not to get caught in their trap.
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