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Humans who become monsters as they approach the borders of Europe!

Humans who become monsters as they approach the borders of Europe!

The leaders of France, Germany and the Balkan countries have repeatedly claimed to justify their strict actions towards refugees, that they impose strict restrictions on their entry into Europe due to the concern of the presence of extremists among them.

NOURNEWS - As the leader of the world's Catholics, Pope Francis has often supported asylum seekers in his speeches as a matter of religious duty, and this issue has long been on his list of concerns.

But the other day; The Pope, whose concern for asylum seekers seemed to increase after the far-right government came to power in Italy, stated clearly: "Removing asylum seekers is shameful and criminal because it causes them to die before our eyes."

Referring to the thousands of people who drowned in the sea trying to reach Europe, he added: Today, the Mediterranean Sea is the world's biggest cemetery.

The root of Pope Francis' frank statement about asylum seekers can be found in the programs announced by the new European governments during their election campaigns, in all of which one of the candidates' executive priorities is the promise to speed up the return of migrants to their countries of origin.

Some, such as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, have even gone as far as calling for a maritime blockade of North Africa to stop boats carrying asylum seekers and imposing new restrictions on migrant rescue ships.

This simply means that even if the asylum seekers are drowning in front of their eyes, they will not be entitled to receive the minimum help to survive.

In the meantime, even some European Union countries have recently prepared a plan based on which, in exchange for paying money to Libya, they will use the maritime police patrol of that country to prevent the migration of asylum seekers.

In 2016, the European Union and Turkey agreed on the implementation of a similar plan in which Brussels would pay Turkey to prevent migrants from entering Europe.

The leaders of France, Germany and the Balkan countries have repeatedly claimed in justifying their strict measures that they impose severe restrictions on the entry of refugees into Europe due to the concern of the existence of extremists among the refugees.

Adoption of inhuman procedures by European countries towards asylum seekers, which has also led to the strong protest of the Pope, while these same countries, with the gesture of defending human rights, accuse the countries of origin of asylum seekers of violating their rights under the most severe political, economic and even military pressures.

The point is; These so-called protections generally fade from the moment these people approach the European borders, and by accusing them of "extremism", "evil", "irresponsibility" and dozens of other accusations, European governments give themselves the right to carry out the most inhumane actions. apply against them.

The interesting issue in this regard is the completely customized role and function of Western media in justifying the double standards of Western governments in dealing with asylum seekers.

These media easily turn a blind eye to the thousands of tragic deaths of refugees floating in the Mediterranean waters, which Pope Francis referred to as the largest human cemetery, but they ignore the smallest incidents in the countries where the refugees belong to complete the fake showcase of defending human rights.

Now that the Pope has rightly named the Mediterranean as the biggest human cemetery, it is logical to mention the media companies of the West, which were formed with the money of political systems based on deception, injustice and racism, as the biggest slaughterhouse of conscience, humanity and morality.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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