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Publish Date : 12/14/2022 2:52:44 AM
Ignoring the crimes of the Western and calling the mistakes of the East a crime!


Ignoring the crimes of the Western and calling the mistakes of the East a crime!

In order to judge the negative impact of China's recent action and its effects, we must compare this unfriendly move by Beijing with the malice, enmity and historical crime of the West, especially the United States, towards the people of Iran, and judge the future of relations with this country.

NOURNEWS - Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Saudi Arabia from December 8 to 10 and signed a number of memorandums and agreements in the three axes of Saudi-Chinese, Arab-Chinese and Persian Gulf Countries-China, while discussing and consulting with various officials.

This trip, especially due to the presence of some unexpected clauses about Iran in the joint statements published with Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Persian Gulf region, caused many side effects and reactions inside and outside the country.

Irrespective of the nature and dimensions of this trip, which we will discuss in the following, what was formed around this trip and its events in the media environment of the western trend, as in the past, was focused on the regime's arrogance and inducing the government's failure in the field of foreign policy, and unfortunately, the analysis of the issue Without taking into account the principles governing international relations, as well as not paying attention to the needs based on the provision of national interests, it was decided only with a political and factional approach.

Regardless of the approach adopted by Western experts and Persian-speaking media in this regard, which is naturally defined in the context of their anti-Iranian duty and mission, the literature used and the analyzes presented by some politicians and domestic media and the literature used by them It was very surprising.

In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to several points:

First of all; The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and China have always been based on cooperation and common interests, and for reasons that are beyond the scope of this note, the relations between the two countries have never reached the level of strategic cooperation. On this basis, deliberately inducing this false statement that Iran has lost its strategic partner is a behavior far from the truth and fairness.

Second; In international relations and within the framework of the levels that are determined in the cooperation between countries, each party makes policies and acts solely based on their national interests, and the relations between Tehran and Beijing are not out of this circle. Recognizing and accepting these principles helps to make the evaluations regarding the issuance of a joint statement by China and the Persian Gulf countries, which included anti-Iranian clauses, more realistic and out of the scope of emotional judgments.

In the meantime, the quick and decisive reaction of the foreign policy apparatus of our country to the anti-Iranian provisions of the joint statement of China with the countries of the Persian Gulf also shows the government's firm commitment to the principle of securing national interests in foreign relations and will not fail to do so under any circumstances.

Naturally, it is expected that the country's political figures and media, regardless of factional tendencies, have common and coherent positions on issues related to the country's security and national interests, which we witnessed in the recent case, especially due to the Chinese comments about the three islands.

Third, China, as the second largest economy in the world, during the past years and even before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, has never had a hostile or domineering approach towards Iran, and instead, due to the country's pragmatic and relatively independent approach, even at the height of the cruel western sanctions against our country, China has maintained its relations with Iran.

If the principle is based on a realistic and fair analysis of the recent incident, in order to judge the negative burden of China's action and its effects, we should compare this unfriendly move by Beijing with the malice, enmity and historical crime of the Westerners, especially the United States, towards the Iranian people, and regarding Let's judge the future of relations with this country.

Undoubtedly, China's recent unfriendly action, with whatever purpose it was carried out, is a black and unacceptable point in the history of Beijing's relations with Tehran, but we cannot ignore the bare fact that Iran, through relations and cooperation with China, especially in economic dimensions and it has also taken many political interests.

to describe precisely; If China has an important position in Iran's foreign relations, it is because Iran's political and economic interests have been secured in these relations, and through this means, in a situation where Western countries have always used their position in international forums to put pressure on Iran and limit our country. Even in the worst possible situation, when China's opinion was against Iran, it finally limited itself to abstaining in international forums and took a neutral position.

This is despite the fact that countries such as the United States and European countries have never stopped being malicious, sanctioning and even acting maliciously to hit the system in a situation where they were apparently in an atmosphere of de-escalation with Iran.

Now the question is here; Analysts who willingly or unwillingly align themselves with the currents of the Islamic Republic and try to distort the events and with the failed aim of showing the regime's foreign policy, the expansion of China's relations with the Arab countries is an example of these failures, have they ever looked at the issue from this angle that Does the active presence of China in the Persian Gulf and the conclusion of numerous contracts with Washington's strategic partners mean the decline of the power of America and the West in the region rather than the defeat of Iran?

This fact, along with the cold reaction and even the practical opposition of the Persian Gulf countries to the request of the United States to reduce relations with Russia and help create a balance in the global energy market in order to put pressure on Moscow, which is now considered not a competitor but an enemy of the United States, is a sign of a sharp reduction in influence. America does not make news in the region and among its traditional partners?!

With these interpretations and while condemning China's wrong position in issuing a joint anti-Iranian statement with the countries of the Persian Gulf, we must ask the currents that continue to beat the drum of the need to change the direction of the country's foreign relations towards the West, why Beijing's wrong position, which is also with Iran Is signing a 25-year cooperation agreement a decisive reason for the failure of the cooperation policy with the East?

If we want to make a decision about relations with the West and especially the United States with this argument, the position of the Western countries, which in the past and present have not only not benefited our country, but with continuous hostility, have only sought to attack the system and even overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. How will Iran's foreign relations be?!

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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