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Publish Date : 12/6/2022 10:10:52 AM
Macron and Biden meeting; Unsuccessful display of friendship and common opinion


Macron and Biden meeting; Unsuccessful display of friendship and common opinion

French President Emmanuel Macron does not consider the sale of energy by the United States to the crisis-stricken Europe at a rate more than four times the world price, supporting Europe but considers it thieving the European continent.

NOURNEWS - French President Emmanuel Macron left for Washington to discuss a lengthy agenda for Thursday's meeting at the White House, according to US and French officials.

Although the heads of the United States and France are trying to pretend that they have a friendly meeting based on the development of relations between the two countries, a thorough examination of the relations between the two sides and the innuendos raised in the joint press conference will reveal more facts.

America, while promising to supply energy to European countries, got them caught up in the Ukraine war.

According to Macron's official statements, the sale of energy to Europe by the United States at a rate more than four times the world price has basically been to destabilize the European continent.

The documents show that sabotage of the Nord Stream lines was also carried out by the United States, whose purpose was to continue the status quo.

The signing of a contract to receive new energy sources, that some European leaders have proposed to justify being blackmailed by America, if it is implemented optimistically, will meet Europe's needs not for this winter but for the coming years.

Although the western media wants to downplay the scenario of the harsh winter in Europe by highlighting the drop in oil prices, the truth is that the main problem in Europe, besides the price issue, is the lack of energy sources in the market.

On the other hand; Sanctions and restrictions applied to countries that have energy resources such as Russia and Iran have affected the world so much that it has forced the United States to reduce restrictions on energy imports from Venezuela.

In another dimension; France is still disappointed by the action of the United States in 2021, which, with the cooperation of England, disrupted Australia's agreement with France and caused tens of billions of dollars in losses to this country with the AUKUS agreement.

Earlier, in a speech on the sidelines of the meeting of OPEC leaders in Thailand, Emmanuel Macron claimed that Australia has put itself in a nuclear confrontation with China by disrupting the agreement with France.

The President of France told the Bloomberg news website: " AUKUS is not an agreement that fulfills its obligations." These words show Macron's serious complaints against England and America, which destroyed the Paris agreement worth tens of billions of dollars.

France believes that global developments have revealed clear signs of the decline of American unilateralism, therefore, it is looking for a new order in Europe, and in this context, it emphasizes the necessity of forming an independent European security and military force instead of relying on NATO, as well as increasing the economic and political independence of Europe.

The United States and the United Kingdom that have left the European Union, have practically destroyed the dream of the France to participate in the new world order and build a Europe away from American domination, by starting a war in Ukraine and trapping the countries of Europe in an inconclusive war. In this regard, the continuation of the war in Ukraine, which France has explicitly stated that its scope can spread deep into Europe, along with the continuation of the economic crisis, especially in the energy and food fields, has practically pushed European countries, including France, away from their dreams of playing a role in the multipolar system, and daily increasing influence of the United States in Europe.

Although Western media circles, especially mercenaries Persian-language media, tried to make Macron's visit to Washington seem successful, and tried to hide the fundamental differences between the two countries in strategic issues, and also demonstrating this meeting as an important and effective step in the United States and France's united approach to issues such as the war in Ukraine and the events of Iran and China; but the ironies and sarcasms by two presidents to each other in the joint press conference clearly revealed the deep differences between Washington and Paris, especially regarding the continuation of the war in Ukraine.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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