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The pressure of the audience on BBC Persian and lies of a media claiming honesty!

The pressure of the audience on BBC Persian and lies of a media claiming honesty!

BBC's directional and one-sided headlines and the publication of a large amount of fake news and information and fragmented and sometimes archival images, have drawn severe criticism from the audience of this media claiming to be honest.

NOURNEWS - The recent disturbances and riots in Iran, which took place on the pretext of Mahsa Amini's death and by abusing the civil demand of groups of protesting people, were accompanied by the all-round support of opposition and counter-revolutionary currents and attempts to surf the surface.

In the meantime, the performance of the Persian-language media opposing the Islamic Republic once again showed that the claim of professionalism and impartiality of these media is excessive and their hostile approach against the Iranian nation has not only deprived the society of comfort and security, but has even become a big obstacle for the results of the groups' demands.

Now and after the repeated lies of these media have exposed a large part of their audience to obvious contradictions, BBC Persian, as one of the leaders of the media war against the Iranian nation, has tried to clear the accusations by weaving ropes and scapegoats.

In this regard; Yesterday, the Instagram account of this network quoted from the blog of BBC Persian editors in an article entitled "BBC; neutrality, accuracy and transparency" tried to reconstruct its distorted face.

Due to the purposeful and bellicose behavior of this media during the recent disturbances, many of the audience of BBC Persian have raised many questions about why there is a contradiction between the claim of professional and impartial behavior and the directed and provocative actions of BBC Persian, has greatly worried the media.

Repeating the claim of impartiality, honesty and transparency in the text published by the BBC to respond to critics, while at least for two weeks, the one-sided headlines of this network have been interspersed with a large amount of news, false information and images, and sometimes the archive is practically empty, and operators of this network face and do not have a convincing answer for their performance.

The editors of BBC Persian claim to be impartial while the absolute lack of attention to people and movements that protest against the riots (even accepting the protests) is quite evident in the productions of this media, whereas neutrality logically requires that a media cover all aspects of an event. cover without any bias and leave the judgment to the audience.

Failure to reflect the images of rioters' disruptive behavior in damaging personal and public property, failure to provide security to the martyrs and very harsh methods of martyring them, failure to cover the large-scale events held by opponents of the riots in Iran, failure to reflect the views of celebrities who are against the will of the counter-revolution took a position, not covering the demonstrations held by supporters of the Islamic Republic in different countries, not mentioning the actions of evil, terrorist and separatist elements in the west and southeast of the country, etc., in addition to the large-scale publication of unassessed and sometimes archival videos, etc. It is a clear evidence of the invalidity of the claim of impartiality and honesty of BBC Persian.

In the meantime, it is important to answer the question why a network like the BBC is willing to auction its apparent credibility in events like this? In response to this question, what logically comes to mind is that the operators of this network, without learning from similar cases in the past, miscalculated the social base and the political and security authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and also miscalculated the effectiveness of their actions for creating chaos, insecurity and instability in Iran is an illusion.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

کلید واژگان

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