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Publish Date : 9/5/2022 4:12:47 AM
Amnesty International in the midst of double standards


Amnesty International in the midst of double standards

The duties that Amnesty International has defined for itself are being ignored for many crisis-stricken areas in the world, and the rule of double standards in the reports of this organization has become a current practice.
NOURNEWS - Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization that was founded with the aim of defending human rights regardless of ideology, politics, economic interests, geographical boundaries and even religious tendencies. The group that created this organization sought to monitor and follow the atrocities that are applied to the people by the agents of the governments or in a more organized way by the governments themselves. But what has happened in recent years shows that the policy of this institution, like many other human experiences in institution building, has distanced itself from its main slogans and the historical sediments of the thoughts of its leaders have made it forget its valuable slogans. Examining the activities of this organization in the issue of human rights violations, shows that the rule of double standards in the reports of this organization has become a current practice. Unfortunately, the duties that this organization has defined for itself are ignored in many crisis-stricken areas in the world, including the inhumane situation imposed on Gaza by the Zionists, the deplorable situation in Yemen under the shadow of the aggression of the American-Saudi coalition and the insecurity resulting from the presence of America pointed out in Syria. Syrian authorities have repeatedly stated clearly that America's claim to fight terrorism in this country is just an excuse to continue managing the areas occupied by the American army in Syria. In addition to this, the starvation imposed on the people of Afghanistan by blocking the assets of the people of this country is one of the other cases on which Amnesty International has remained silent. At the same time, Amnesty International, by publishing undocumented reports, points to border agents' dealings with Afghan immigrants who are trying to reach safe places through Iran and Turkey, and refuses to announce the reasons for Afghan people's migration. This organization, regardless of its professional responsibility, which is to separate the policies and main positions of the governments from incidents and operational events at the level of detail, interprets each minor incident as a general policy and instead of asking the governments in its reports to provide more assistance, making governments the main target of such negligence. On the other hand, the basis of Amnesty International's claims, by distancing itself from scientific and legal methods, relies on interviews with a few individuals who recount their experiences and, in the most optimistic case, recount their private understanding if they do not define what was ordered. It is very clear that the positions of any government can be evaluated based on international protocols, regardless of their intellectual tendencies or geographical region, and it is not possible to issue judgments for governments without considering the universally accepted rules. For example, this organization says in a report under the title "We are not treated like human beings": "Immigrants, including women and children, have faced direct shooting while climbing the border wall or crawling under the fences." The precision in the preparation of this report shows that Amnesty International researchers prepared this report based on interviews with 74 Afghan citizens in Herat and the border city of Islam Qala. Meanwhile, only 48 refugees said that they were shot while crossing the border. The reports of this organization rely on the available news and arrive at self-solicited analyses, while a cause and effect relationship must be established in order to attribute each action to another. This report ignores the objective observations, documents and correspondence with the officials and officials of the two countries, and only emphasizes the interviews and sources that cannot correctly diagnose the critical situation, and relies on the author's guesses and mental imaginations, in order to " become "claim". After all, the meaningful silence of this organization regarding the previously mentioned cases, damages the validity of its findings so much that it completely invalidates the public belief in these claims. This discredit becomes more colorful when the western propaganda with the known and known media undertakes to highlight it. While a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran has been hosting millions of Afghans for about 40 years, bearing all the political and economic pressures caused by illegal sanctions and without receiving any help from the international community, the exaggeration of several claims whose reference is clearly known It cannot only be considered intentional and crossing ethical and professional boundaries. If Amnesty International, as a humanitarian organization, wants to remain loyal to the goals set by its founders and preserve its identity, it has no choice but to change the existing procedure and return to a transparent and impartial path towards human rights events. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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