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Publish Date : 8/11/2022 12:51:24 PM
Security consequences of following containment strategy of China and Russia by the United States


Security consequences of following containment strategy of China and Russia by the United States

In the framework of the policy of containing China and Russia, US follows the strategy of challenging the national security of Beijing and Moscow and involving them in security crises on its agenda.
NOURNEWS - "Joe Biden" signed the controversial document of Sweden and Finland joining NATO as a new measure to challenge Russia's security. The US president said: "The doors of NATO are open to all countries that have the conditions to join it." Reuters news agency also wrote that American senators have described Finland and Sweden as important allies with modern armies and close cooperation with NATO. A review of the US national security document and Washington's behavior in recent years, although during the Biden administration, shows that actions such as the expansion of NATO to the east through Ukraine, the membership of Sweden and Norway in NATO, and the provocative trip of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, to Taiwan and the formation of the AUKUS Treaty are all important links in the chain of implementation of Washington's "interim strategic guidance for national security". In this document, the United States names China and Russia as the main threats and emphasizes that these two countries have invested deeply in projects to weaken the power of the United States and obstruct the country's path to defend its interests and its allies around the world. At the same time, the "Indo-Pacific Strategy" is also a plan that the Biden administration follows in the framework of US look-to-the-east policy. The main approach of this strategy is to create a "security alliance" with the powerful countries of East Asia and the Pacific Rim in order to balance power against China. In the framework of this strategy, the way of American trade with developed and powerful countries in the Pacific region is supposed to be paved. The issue of Beijing's threat has also been discussed in the 2021 US National Security Policy under the title "Strategy of long-term competition with China". In this section, there are two very important points in the confrontation with Beijing. First, the response to China when it directly targets American interests, and secondly, the need to increase support for Taiwan as a strategic ally for US. In the final and concluding part of this document, more active efforts to build a coalition against China are emphasized. Many experts on strategic issues, the events before the war in Ukraine and the provocative actions of the West and especially NATO on the western borders of Russia, which were accompanied by the inevitable reaction of Moscow and the occurrence of extensive and bloody conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, are part of the strategy of advancing to the east from the American side that, thanks to the superiority in the extensive cognitive warfare, Washington reversed the concept of this action. Now, with the passage of several months since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the comprehensive support of the United States for this proxy war against Russia, as well as the new steps taken by the United States to complete the chain of containment of Russia and China, it has become more clear than before that the cause of the war in Ukraine has also been US. Not long ago, the USAID announced that in the new fiscal year, it will send another 5.5 billion dollars in military support to Ukraine, which shows that Washington has a long-term plan to continue the proxy confrontation with Russia. In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, despite China's severe warnings and the historically low increase in military tension between China and Taiwan, is practically another part of China-Russia containment strategy and a new attempt to bring Beijing into a crisis similar to the Ukraine war. US design to contain China is not limited to actions similar to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. The "AUKUS" treaty, during which England, the United States and Australia have established new defense cooperation in the field of developing ultrasonic and anti-ultrasonic technology, is one of the other important measures that have led to the reaction of China and Russia. After meeting with his Chinese counterpart on the sidelines of the ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting in Cambodia, the Russian foreign minister told reporters: "There is a clear desire to use the AUKUS agreement to advance NATO's interests in the Indo-Pacific region, and this issue is discussed by the members of the NATO that they do not hide it. On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of China also said: "the establishment of AUKUS participation in any cooperation between the United States, England and Australia in the field of nuclear submarines will intensify the arms race in the region and threaten the security of the world." The sum of the mentioned developments shows the fact that US put the issue of restraining Beijing and Moscow in its agenda by involving them in security crises, in the framework of a comprehensive strategy, while including bilateral and multilateral agreements with the peripheral areas of China and Russia and challenging the national security of these two countries. China's and Russia's inevitable reaction to US provocative actions can lead to events similar to the Ukraine war and threaten global peace and security even more. BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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