Bin Salman's strong concern over the exposure of the Saudi use of 'Pegasus' spying malware

The Saudi crown prince, who has published the news of Riyadh's use of Pegasus spying malware, sees his bleaching project in the eyes of the world's public opinion after khashoggi's heinous murder, as well as his alleged reform project in Saudi Arabia based on the 2030 document, stressing to government officials and media that this issue could be denied in any possible way.


Awareness of the Afghan people against the US soft war

What Afghanistan needs today, first of all, is to reach a national consensus and implement a political solution instead of a non-constructive military approach, which, along with using the capacities of the countries in the region, can pave the way for a lasting stability and security in this country.


What will be the fate of the Lebanese government?

A Lebanese expert assessed foreign problems as the most important factor in the Lebanese parties' disagreement over forming a government, citing Saudi Arabia as one of the main obstacles in the process.


Nothing beyond the JCPOA will be accepted

Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "To continue the Vienna talks, we must wait for the new government to be established and move forward."


New dimensions of the Zionist software terrorism against the global security

Another manifestation of state terrorism of the Zionist regime and its supporters makes it necessary to pay attention to the localization of the country's software and network structures in order to be safe from such espionage and anti-human structures.


What is the purpose of assassinating moderate figures in Afghanistan?

This assassinations expresses a massive conspiracy against moderate religious thought in Afghanistan with foreign incitement by extremists, and the recurrence of these incidents clearly shows that these foreign actors are working hard through the extremist groups to slow down the peace process and divideisively prepare for the disintegration of Afghanistan.


Who is the new military prosecutor of the Zionist army?

In July 2019, Aviv Kochavi, Commander-in-Chief of the Israeli Army, appointed Yifat Tomer-Yerushalmi, as an advisor to the Chief of Staff on Gender Affairs, commit to creating equal gender opportunities and preventing sexual harassment in the Israeli army.


US Maximum pressure on Iran at the consensus milestone

The new U.S. administration is trying its best to extend the JCPOA to the missile and regional Nuclear programs without giving Iran any concessions, and since it has so far failed to overcome the strong barrier of Iran's active resistance policy, it has employed new tactics and scenarios such as Iran's intention in abduction of Alinejad in order to achieve its goals.


Implementing Trump's policies; From West Asia to Latin America!

The Cuba crisis and consequently, the crisis in Latin America can be part of the U.S. anarchic puzzle in the global arena, where the crisis-making withdrawal from Afghanistan, direct military action against China and Russia, open support for terrorism in Iraq and Syria, and a direct U.S. attacks on the Iraqi and Syrian resistance forces are part of its dimensions.


The global message of the Yemeni’s operation "Nasr Mobin" against al-Qaeda and ISIS

The Operation Nasr Mobin of the Yemenis against terrorism can be considered as a continuation of the actions of the Resistance Front, which has blocked the way for terrorists and their supporters in Iraq and Syria.

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