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Competition between Pfizer-Moderna and Covid-19 in the mass massacre of the people of the world!

The widespread wave of ridicule by western media, especially the Persian-language media, against Iran's ability to produce vaccines clearly showed their nervousness about this, whether it reflected the inefficiency of the anti-human policy of maximum pressure on the world's public opinion, and all their disciplines were ruined, in order to humiliate the Iranian people and instill the Islamic Republic of Iran's inability.

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Post-Trump America and an 80-year-old president who is no longer a superpower

Biden is not the president of a superpower now and must make decisions and act on a variety of issues by accepting this. More precisely, he will undoubtedly have to make a lot of concessions on important issues such as the JCPOA in order to compensate for Trump's norms and the losses that the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA has done.

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The dual standard of Western media; From E11A crash to the Ukrainian plane crash

Although American has a bad history about "secrecy" in such matters, the seemingly independent media claiming the free flow of information comes with all the lies and secrecy while in the case of the daily Ukrainian plane producing "criminal content" against The Islamic Republic of Iran and preventing the public from discovering the truth.

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The terrorist attack in Baghdad and new plans to destabilize the region

On the eve of the Democrats' sitting-in at the White House, the reconstruction of ISIS, the insecurity and re-destabilization of Iraq, along with the weakening of the populace, are a key factor to complete the Western, Hebrew, Arab project to continue in Iraq, especially to influence the upcoming elections.


Consequences of Escalated Political Unrest in the US

Democrats are trying to expel Trump out of the White House in a scandalous way, adding: The criticism and concern of the Republicans about an election loser who, through his unusual behaviors, personality instability and confusion in his policies has been so controversial and has troublemaker supporters, is natural.


Future of Chinese and Russian SWIFTs

What could become the strong point of the Chinese and Russian SWIFTs is that if the volume, number, and scope of US sanctions expands in the world; those could become the SWIFT of the US-sanctioned block, and they could gain tremendous maneuvering power in the world of economics.

BY: Sayed Reza Sadr al-Husseini

American political structure is facing a strong opposition

From 2021 on wards, America's rivals in the economic, political, and security spheres will certainly play a greater role in the international system because Americans, like in previous decades, are not in a position to prevent their rivals from playing in the international arena.


Bin Salman offers Macron in exchange for Biden's attention and pressure on Iran!

Information received by Nour News indicates that Mohammed bin Salman expressed concern about his future situation in light of the Democrats' rise, and made suggestions in exchange for Emmanuel Macron's media between him and Joe Biden's team, as well as the escalation of Paris' pressure on Tehran.

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Washington; The capital or the barracks?

Now the question has arisen in the public mind of the world that; How can a country that claims to be the best democracy in the world turn its capital into a military barracks for a normal ceremony of transfer of power for fear of creating a security gap, and at the same time claim to create security in the world?

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The main issue is the lifting of sanctions, not the return of the United States to JCPOA

Obviously, what matters to Iran is lifting of sanctions, not just the return of the United States to the JCPOA. in other words; The United States should not consider its return to the violated agreement as a concession to Iran, because the principle of their return to the JCPOA has basically no issue for Iran.

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