BY: William Holmes

The American Power Crisis: How Europeans See Biden’s America

Europeans’ attitudes toward the United States have changed. The majority of major member states now think that the US political system is broken and that Europe cannot rely on the United States alone to defend it.


Why is the International Atomic Energy Agency not fulfilling its duty to protect Iran?

Iran's constructive engagement with the IAEA on various issues and paving the way for success of the Director-General and the IAEA, under the influence of the Director-General's provocative remarks and inappropriate response to nuclear terrorism against Iran, may be limited, especially since Tehran has repeatedly openly stressed its opposition to any pressure.

BY: Martin Love

Zionism is the Ebola virus of American political afflictions

The biggest question is why the various U.S. administrations persist and have persisted for so long against countries which, like Iran and other. far lesser countries, are NOT a danger to the United States or to the American people and never have been. If anything, these countries have merely challenged the horrific idea pushed by Zionist American Neocons of U.S. “empire” and their insistence on “full spectrum dominance” over the entire globe, something which has virtually bankrupted the U.S. and created widespread chaos.


US, China on the Brink of Cold War?

The puzzles of strategic rivalry between China and the United States seem to be arranged rapidly, and the world should expect a new rivalry between Washington and Beijing as it did during the Cold War, and at the same time as the United States and the Soviet Union affected the whole world, the rivalry between the United States and China could affect the interests and security of many countries.


Doubts and questions about the recent coup in Jordan

The Zionist regime recently blocked the Jordanian King's visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque, while Aman refused to allow Netanyahu to fly over the country, canceling his trip to the United Arab Emirates, a trip that could have taken place during the current political crisis in the Zionist regime, strengthening the position of the Prime Minister and his supporters.


To fulfill the principle of adherence to adherence, the ball is on the American court

If the US government really believes in the strategy of adherence to adherence, as stated by the State Department spokesman, it should take this step without delay and compensate for the past illegal actions and pave the way for the reactivation of the adherence to adherence principle.


The Washington Post reveals an obstacle to Washington-Riyadh relations

Although Joe Biden, like Donald Trump, seeks to maintain strategic ties with Saudi Arabia, one obstacle is the case of the sons of a senior Saudi intelligence official imprisoned by Bin Salman.


The agenda for the upcoming Vienna meeting and the requirements to get out of the impasse

The Vienna Summit is an arena for testing the P4 + 1's ability to fully understand the need to change the existing impasse and then persuade the United States to meet its legal obligations, especially the immediate and complete lifting of sanctions.


Why does the Brussels summit not help resolve the Syrian crisis?

The Brussels summits can be seen as a blatant deception to justify the continuation of crisis interventions against Syria because if the West really seeks to resolve the Syrian crisis, it has no choice but to accept simple solutions such as ending support for terrorists, lifting sanctions against the country and accepting legitimacy of the Syrian government and refusal to act against the real supporters of Syria, the Resistance Front.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

The specter of Trumpism over America; Biden is not the president of all Americans

The issue of right-wing extremism, on the other hand, has been something beyond class boundaries. Another issue addressed in the research of Vanessa Williamson of the Brookings Institution and Theda Skocpol of Harvard University is that the focus of American white racist ideology goes back to the direct relationship between generational and racial dissatisfaction.

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