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The Iraqi parliament is the founder of a practical model for the gap in the foundation of the Zionist regime

The Iraqi parliament is the founder of a practical model for the gap in the foundation of the Zionist regime

The Iraqi parliament can act as a catalyst for the transparency of the vote for and against the Zionist regime in other Arab countries, especially since such an initiative would lead the government to pass laws passed by the people's parliaments in the name of "law" and in a democratic process.

NOURNEWS - The Iraqi parliament passed a bill on Thursday, May 25 2022, according to which the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime is considered a "crime." Such a decision, regardless of the origin of the draft and its domestic or international reasons, is significant and worth considering, given that the United States has made every effort to normalize Arab relations with Israel. "Criminalization" is the process by which governments determine the titles of behaviors that should be transferred to the "realm of political power" and the perpetrator threatened with imposition of punishment. In the science of law and political science, this issue is common, because the main basis of political philosophy is the justification of the imposition of coercive restrictions on the state, which naturally derives its legitimacy from the people's votes, based on "principles restricting freedom." It is obvious that the principles restricting freedom in any state can be a fixed basis of legal principles and variables of political interests. The issue becomes even more important when temporary interests, with a variety of political, economic, social, and even moral and perfectionist titles, or with a function that denies harm to others and benefits another group, is recognized as one of the principles restricting freedom to such an extent that a The government should consider it within the legitimate scope of its coercive intervention and provide for criminal penalties for violating it. The use of such methods by Western countries under such headings as "sanctions" is common, and the people of the world, especially the Iranian nation, are well acquainted with its mechanism and have closely felt the effects of such a strategy. according to this; The fall of some Western countries into double standards, which consider such a resolution to be contrary to individual freedoms and human rights, has no legal basis and is contrary to the methods that are currently being implemented against different nations at their discretion. This is the decision of the Iraqi parliament; Considering the scope of the crime of "connection with the Zionist regime", which includes all political, security, economic, technical, cultural, sports and scientific cooperation, and also considering the comprehensive definition of perpetrators, which includes all Iraqis living inside and outside the country, outside Iraq and all members of the security, government, media, as well as private sector civil society organizations and local parliaments and autonomous provinces, and given the maximum punishment for this crime that has gone as far as the death penalty, can win the vote to clarify the votes of supporters and opponents Communication with the Zionist regime in other Arab countries. The point is that; Such a practical initiative, the government in the sense of a composition of the Cabinet, implements legislation that is approved by the parliament in the name of "law" and in a democratic process - the main claim of the West. This model can be hopeful for the nations of the region to be able, firstly: to make a more informed decision by re-voting the members of the parliaments through the transparency of their positions, and secondly, by isolating their governments to isolate the illegitimate Zionist regime. Human rights and at the cost of the displacement of many human beings are convincing. Needless to say, more than the content of this resolution, which may have shortcomings and should be corrected in the process of future negotiations, the principle of such a solution is very important and can be followed by other countries. Another important point is the use of such legal instruments in the United Nations and its affiliated institutions, because the lack of passive attention to such centers, assuming no results, has led to Islamic countries and countries that have common interests in similar cases, legal activities and Give up their political bargaining and stabilize the status quo despite not recognizing the current trend, instead of trying to unite and legal condemnation and isolation of the other side. The Zionist regime has so many inhumane efforts in various fields that it can lead to its condemnation or scandal of the international legal system for not cooperating with the administration of justice against this regime. Cooperation of countries in crossing the border of non-connection with the usurping regime of Quds due to its criminality can be like a bucket of water that the late leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran had previously mentioned as a founding flood for this regime. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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