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What is the reason for the West's fear of Alena Dohan’s trip to Tehran?

What is the reason for the West's fear of Alena Dohan’s trip to Tehran?

The fear of countries that have sanctioned Iran, against Ms. Dohan's visit is due to the fact that this trip can reveal the inhuman nature of its sanctions and unilateral coercive policies against the Iranian nation, to the world.

NOURNEWS - UN Special Rapporteur on the effects of unilateral coercion Alena Dohan has been on an 11-day visit to Tehran since 8 May.

This trip comes at a time when there are widespread demands on the world stage against the unilateral, blackmailing, and inhumane behavior of sanctions against other countries, led by the United States, especially during the Covid 19 epidemic in the world and the biased behavior of the West in vaccine monopolies, that led to the deaths of countless human beings and revealed to the world other dimensions of the inhuman nature of the West.

Meanwhile, the fate of Afghanistan after 20 years of Western presence in the country, where today more than 20 million people out of a population of 38 million need humanitarian and food aid, as well as the 15-year siege of Gaza, the critical and inhumane situation imposed on Yemen by the Saudi-American alliance, etc., showed the growing awareness of the world in the face of sanctions and unilateral coercive actions by human rights claimants, as well as the growing responsibility of international institutions to pursue and counter such behavior.

Here are some notable things about this trip and its importance:

First; Ms. Alena Dohan is a person with global responsibility and is free from discriminatory and imposed behaviors, so it can be said that her responsibility and function are very different from the responsibility and performance of people like Javid Rahman, who is not supported by the Human Rights Council but for countries. The implementation of biased and political goals is determined.

This difference is further exacerbated by the fact that the human rights claimants appointed by the Special Representative of the Human Rights Council to certain countries are opposed to the repression, crime, and war waged by the West on the world stage from Afghanistan and Iraq to Syria, Yemen, and African countries. They have established and even taken no action against the racial and inhumane discrimination that is taking place in Western societies, including in the United States.

It is these duplicities and discriminatory behaviors that have led the world to welcome the presence of a person like Ms. Dohan, who is a person with global responsibilities, and to always oppose the presence of the Special Representative of the Human Rights Council for their country.

Second; Ms. Dohan's record during her two years in office reflects a professional approach, with a high level of interaction, and a diligent approach to rational consideration away from political and one-sided intentions in the face of sanctions and unilateral coercive behavior against countries. Since his appointment in September 2020, he has visited Qatar, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, despite the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alena Dohan, for example, in her first public statement since her appointment on April 3, 2020, strongly urged governments to lift all sanctions that impede the humanitarian response of sanctioned governments in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic to protect the lives of their population, so that the sanctions should be suspended or restricted.

The statement referred to the governments of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and Yemen under sanctions and stressed the need for humanitarian assistance.

The important point here is Ms. Dohan's practical performance, which in practice has shown that she seeks to arrest countries in response to unilateral and biased coercive measures. In this context, Ms. Dohan paid her first national visit to Qatar in November 2020.

According to the rapporteur, the restrictive measures imposed on Qatar between 2017 and 2020 are considered "unilateral coercive measures" because they were adopted by countries without a Security Council mandate under Article 41 of the UN Charter.

He also visited Venezuela from 1 to 12 February 2021 and in his report shows how sectoral sanctions on the oil, gold, and mining industries, economic blockade, freezing of central bank assets, targeted sanctions against Venezuela and its citizens and companies Third countries and the over-reliance of third-country banks and companies have exacerbated the current economic and social crisis and had devastating effects.

She also visited Zimbabwe from 17 to 28 October 2021 and reported on sanctions against natural and legal persons in the country as well as secondary sanctions.

A review of this record clearly shows the humanitarian, professional and logical nature of Dohan and his difference from the likes of Javid Rahman, who always takes a biased, political and purposeful approach, citing reports and claims of terrorists whose hands are stained with the blood of 17,000 Iranians. Or those who have provided Saddam with weapons of mass destruction against the Iranian people during the eight years of the war, or who have imposed the most severe sanctions on Iran over the past four decades, even in the field of medicine.

Third; For years, the West has lost the power of military campaigns and the exercise of direct domination, and therefore their last weapon of colonialism and exploitation and hegemony is the tool of sanctions.

They seek to undermine and ultimately dominate countries through unilateral sanctions and coercion, and one of their tools is to appoint a so-called Special Rapporteur on the target countries, in the guise of a public prosecutor and a judge, while concealing non-compliance. Human beings imposed on countries to continue the same policies of the past.

It is on this basis that in recent days, the perpetrators of sanctions and unilateral coercive behavior against the Iranian nation have been spying on the media and destroying Ms. Dohan's position, and are seeking to obstruct her performance by marginalizing, embezzling, and making an atmosphere.

Given these circumstances, it can be said that the fear of Iranian sanctions against Ms. Dohan's visit is due to the fact that this trip can reveal to the world the inhuman nature of its sanctions and unilateral coercive policies against the Iranian nation.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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