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The Ukraine war, social networks, and the repetition of the West’s dual standard

The Ukraine war, social networks, and the repetition of the West’s dual standard

The totality of Western behavior, from the approach of the intelligence services to the dual standards of social networks in the face of the Ukraine war, reflects the fact that freedom of speech and the privacy of social networks are the only deceptive words to advance Western goals.

NOURNEWS - The Ukraine war and the West's attempt to prolong it, are taking on new dimensions as the CIA seeks to reach out to opponents of the war inside Russia.

The spy agency has published instructions in Russian on social media so that dissidents inside Russia can communicate with the CIA through Dark Web sites.

The move comes amid widespread efforts by Western countries in recent weeks to restrict and eliminate Russian officials and supporters on social media, which have effectively violated their commitments to freedom of speech.

For example; Twitter announced in a statement on April 5 that it has taken new measures against the Russian government's accounts to prevent the official advertisement of this country from circulating on this social network.

According to this decision, following and visiting the official Twitter accounts of Russian officials will no longer be recommended to users of this social network in any part of the site and application, even if they search.

Google has also announced that YouTube channels will block Russian state media in Europe. They also say YouTube is barring Russian state media from making money from the company's website, which is made through advertising.

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, has also announced that it will restrict access to the services of Russian networks Russia Today and Sputnik in Europe.

The announcement came after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that this commission is working to ban media sites across Europe.

Microsoft, meanwhile, has announced that it will no longer display content or ads related to Russia Today and Sputnik, and will no longer offer the Russia Today app in its app store.

Such restrictions come as the same social networks have ignited the Western war against Russia, regardless of the dire consequences of continuing the war on the people of the world, as Facebook's parent company, Meta, has allowed Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to Promote "violence" against Russia and its forces over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

These users are also allowed to chant "Death to Putin" on Facebook and Instagram, while, both of these actions are against the laws of these two companies, if based on these laws and claiming to counter the promotion of violence, they always delete photos and posts related to General Soleimani and other leaders of resistance groups such as Hezbollah, Ansarullah and …

The West is using social media in the Ukraine war in such a way that even Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has enabled satellite Internet ( Star Link) for Ukraine so that users can easily use social media and the Internet to fight Russia.

All of this, from the CIA to the dual standards of social media in the face of the Ukraine war, reflects the fact that freedom of speech and the privacy of social media are just deceptive words to advance Western goals.

To describe precisely; The red line of this freedom of speech is only the interests of the West, otherwise, it has no meaning, and will be suppressed by the most severe measures.

Regarding the non-independence of social networks, Julian Assange, the owner of the Wikileaks whistleblower site, says; that mass communication networks on the Internet are the largest and most dangerous spy and intelligence networks that man has invented.

In the same context, a 2012 study by the Mediterranean Information Studies Council shows the use of social media as a pioneering and new tool in the collection of tactical information from obvious sources.

Henry Kissinger, one of the most important and influential American strategists, says that the revolution in the world of communication and information is the first event in history that can turn this large number of elements into a tool for designing, tracking, and observing movements with a technological language.

In this regard; According to documents published by the New York Times; the US security services receive millions of images from mass media sites every day to identify the features and faces of these images.

 It is noteworthy that the US intelligence services do not even show mercy to their allies, as the leaked information showed that the CIA, in cooperation with Denmark, had been spying on former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Another manifestation of this approach is the Zionist malware Pegasus, whose American-Israeli designs did not spare even their European friends, and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who was one of the targets of this malware attack, had to change his number and mobile phone.

With these explanations; It is inevitable for users to reach independent internet networks and cyberspace, of course, with high facilities and access quality, as a considerable part of the wars in today's world have moved towards the Fourth Wave wars, which must be equipped with modern tools to deal with them.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei             


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