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Third World War; A possibility that should not be ignored!

Third World War; A possibility that should not be ignored!

Moscow's prediction that the level of conflict could escalate is due to the fact that NATO has already launched a proxy war against Russia, and the continuation of this process could lead Moscow to the border of direct military confrontation with the West and the formation of a comprehensive war.

NOURNEWS - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly told reporters: "The real danger is the outbreak of World War III and this danger cannot be underestimated."

Lavrov's outspoken remarks raised concerns about the possibility of escalating military tensions in the Ukraine crisis and its spread to various geographical areas of the world.

Some strategic analysts saw the remarks as a serious warning that a solution must be found not to shape them, and some interpreted them as Russia's hot market to push the West back into public opinion.

Although the conflict in Eastern Europe appears to be a tension between Moscow and Kyiv, a statistical look at the developments of this war over time shows that the major Western European countries, along with the United States, are playing a significant role in this war.

The US, German, French and British arms support for Ukraine across the Polish border, and the European Union and NATO's emphasis on strengthening Ukraine's military are the clearest indication of the pervasiveness of this conflict.

In addition to the military dimension of the war, the political and economic reactions of the conflicting parties to each other, which are constantly expressed in the form of sharp speeches, are other signs that indicate the extent of this conflict.

The remarks of British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who announced that the British Navy was ready to use nuclear weapons against Russia if necessary, are among the remarks that have been widely covered in the world media in recent days.

The presence of foreign forces in various guises in military operations also makes this danger more serious. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said 1,717 people had come to Ukraine from Poland and another 1,500 from the United States, Canada, and Romania.

He said 300 people from Britain and Georgia had also come to Ukraine, and that about 200 mercenaries had been sent to Ukraine from Turkish-occupied Syrian territory.

Moscow predicts a possible escalation of the conflict because NATO has already launched a proxy war against Russia, but Russia is trying to respond to Western moves within Ukraine.


But European and American positions on Russia could push Moscow to the brink of direct military confrontation with the West, especially as Western officials talk of prolonging the war.

Over the past two months, in addition to widespread military conflict and political and media strife, the most prominent form of Western confrontation with Russia in the Ukraine crisis has been the imposition of unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia.

These sanctions have exacerbated the global economic crisis, and even in European countries such as Germany, Spain and even the United States, inflation has reached its highest level in decades.

Historical experience shows that famine, starvation and food shortages, which can increase livelihoods and even the death of a group of people due to poverty and hunger, will lead to civil wars in poor countries.

In other words, Western sanctions policy will in practice sacrifice millions of people on every five continents.

Similarly, the foreign policy of Western countries in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Western proxy wars in Syria and Yemen have led to such results.

Russia's warning about the threat of World War III seems to have been shaped by Moscow officials' assessment of the West's political, military, and economic behavior in Ukraine and its global consequences, and cannot be taken for granted.

Playing a more active role of the United Nations and independent countries in limiting and then stopping the war is one of the inevitable priorities of the international community to create a catastrophe that will not be easily avoided if its catastrophic dimensions occur.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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