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Afghanistan neighbor’s summit and new regional and international opportunities

Afghanistan neighbor’s summit and new regional and international opportunities

Iranian Foreign Minister's visit to attend the third meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors in Beijing in terms of pursuing bilateral agreements to expand comprehensive relations with China, as well as consulting with countries in the region to achieve common mechanisms to reduce the oppressed people of Afghanistan's livelihood and security problems, are of special importance.

NOURNEWS - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran headed a political delegation to Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, to attend the third meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors.

This visit, which takes place at a very important juncture in terms of international and regional developments, including the Afghan crisis, also provides a significant opportunity for the continuation of multilateral and bilateral consultations on issues of interest to Iran and other participating countries. At the meeting will provide our country.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian's second visit to China as Iranian Foreign Minister comes at a time when bilateral relations between Iran and China have taken on a wide variety of dimensions in the months since the establishment of the 13th Administration.

Shortly after the 13th government took office in Iran, the two countries have shown that in the new circumstances, they have the will to fully develop relations on the basis of a 25-year vision document.

Beijing has played an important role in providing the vaccine Iran needs to fight the Covid19, as well as maintaining economic ties with the Islamic Republic. In this regard, the intention of this country to develop relations with Iran should be seriously considered.

At the same time, the extensive interaction between the two sides in the form of support for Iran's membership in the Shanghai Organization, as well as the Vienna talks to counter the West's unconstructive behavior, is another manifestation of this cooperation.

The implementation of the 25-year roadmap for cooperation and the participation of the two countries in the implementation of the One Road Belt project can be an important component in the role of the two countries in the development of regional economic relations as well as influencing international equations.

On the other hand, the developments in Afghanistan and what is happening in Ukraine these days, along with proving the insecure role of the West in the international system, the need for more attention and cooperation of independent countries to counter US unilateral policies in the form of creating and pursuing third and third wave wars. The fourth is inevitable and countries such as Iran and China can play an active role in changing the current trend.

Iran's presence in the third meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors in terms of its importance in Iran's foreign and regional policy also has very important opportunities that should be seriously considered.

The first session of this meeting was held in September 1400 with the presence of the foreign ministers of 6 neighboring countries of Afghanistan and hosted by China. In November 1400, Iran hosted the second meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighbors, plus Russia, which was attended by all members except the foreign ministers of Russia and China.

The foreign ministers of these countries stated in a joint statement on November 26 that a comprehensive political structure with the participation of all ethnic groups is the only solution to Afghanistan's problems.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized several principles regarding the developments in Afghanistan, including that the solution to the Afghan crisis is to form an inclusive government with the presence of all Afghan currents and groups based on the will of the people.

At the same time, strengthening humanitarian aid to deal with the humanitarian crisis imposed on Afghanistan by the occupiers is one of the immediate needs of this country. According to statistics, a population of over 20 million people needs urgent food aid.

The issue of refugees and the exploitation of Afghanistan's political and economic instability by terrorist groups are other concerns of the country's neighbors.

Prolonging the process of establishing an inclusive government in Afghanistan, which is demanded by the international community, will definitely face serious obstacles in the way of cooperation between different countries to help establish stability and security and provide opportunities for improving economic and living conditions in this country.

Increasing some gender restrictions and enforcing strict laws on educational, social, and cultural activities for the country's women community, which has also recently increased, could lead to protests within the country and the reaction of various countries and the international community. Increase the complexities of the international community's interaction with this country.

The point is that the West has practically left Afghanistan alone under the pretext of the Ukraine war, and by not fulfilling its economic and political commitments, on the one hand, it is fueling the humanitarian crisis in this country, and on the other hand, it is not helping to establish an inclusive governance structure. Continuation of the current trend, while intensifying the economic and livelihood pressure on the people of Afghanistan, will also lead to the development of the Afghan crisis in the countries of the region, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In such circumstances, the meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors to examine the dimensions of developments in the country and the region and achieve common mechanisms to resolve this crisis is essential that the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes the active presence in achieving the goals of the meeting.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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