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President Raisi's visit to Qatar strengthens strategic relations

President Raisi's visit to Qatar strengthens strategic relations

In an interview with the foreign policy correspondent of Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency (IRNA) about the policy of the thirteenth government with its neighbors, Mohammad Akhbari said: “One of the main priorities of the foreign policy of the thirteenth government is to establish regional stability and balance with the aim of expanding relations with its neighbors and in the past months some effective measures have been taken in this regard.”

NOURNEWS - Pointing out that Iran has the most neighbors in the world after Russia and China, he added: "Iran has 15 neighboring countries and has close relations with many independent governments in its neighborhood, and from its special geopolitical position it enjoys bilateral, multilateral and regional cooperation with its neighbors.

The foreign policy expert pointed to Iran's cultural and historical commonalities with its neighbors and added: "The economies of neighboring countries are complementary to the Iranian economy, and the thirteenth government can take the initiative to help its neighbors and to neutralize sanctions."

Akhbari assessed the approach of the thirteenth government as an attempt to overcome regional gaps and differences and said:” To improve the country's economic situation, it is necessary to expand relations with states and the regional and international structure.”

The thirteenth administration is activating the potential of the neighborhood

He criticized the negligence of previous governments to use the capacity of neighbors and added: "So far we have experienced minimal use of the capacity of neighbors and we hope that the thirteenth government will be able to realize these potentials."

The expert on political issues recalled the President's visit to Qatar and said: “President Raisi's visit to Doha could lead to the strengthening of the Islamic Republic's strategic relations with this country in various political, economic, cultural, social, defense and security fields.”

Akhbari considered the promotion of purposeful and continuous political dialogue between Iran and its neighbors a necessity and added: "Political consultations between senior Iranian officials and neighboring countries can lead to a mutual understanding between the parties on issues of interest."

He said that creating a common understanding will lead to greater integration and rapprochement between neighbors, adding "Terrorism and extremism are now a common threat to all countries in the region and must be prioritized through co-operation.”

Referring to the mistrust in relations between Iran and some neighbors, the international affairs expert called for the design of a mechanism to strengthen relations between Tehran and its neighbors in the field of defense and security in order to minimize differences and mistrust.

Al Thani has always had good relations with Iran

Akhbari described the signing of multilateral and bilateral cooperation agreements as a good ground for activating the potential of cooperation between Iran and its neighbors, adding: "This approach can contribute to regional stability and balance, because the economies of these countries are complementary to each other, which bring security, stability and common denominators in future which is not available now in the middle east.

He valued strengthening economic cooperation not only as a factor for promoting good neighborliness but also as a factor for enhancing regional security and stability and said:” Creating a dynamic, stable, and strong economy based on sound strategic policies and developing foreign trade can improve the well-being of nations in the region.

The expert in strategic issues considered it necessary to increase cooperation between the private sector in Iran and the private sector in neighboring countries as well as facilitating customs and trade decisions to improve relations with neighbors and said:” the relation between Iranian markets and neighboring countries in all fields can stimulate domestic production and increase exports while meeting the country’s import need.

Akhbari called the president's visit to Qatar very important in terms of Qatar’s important role in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League, and the Islamic world, adding: "Iran was one of the first countries to recognize the Qatari government at the time of its establishment and during the 50 Last year had the least tension with this country.

 He likened the rulers of Qatar Al Thani to the rulers of Oman and added: “Al Thani family has always tried to maintain relations with Iran at the appropriate level.”

Domestic security in the Persian Gulf is a good ground for cooperation with Qatar

The expert in international issues recalled the existence of joint gas and oil fields between Iran and Qatar and said: "The two countries can cooperate well in the field of oil and gas transportation to energy importing countries."

Akhbari reminded Qatar and Iran’s support for the Palestinian movement Hamas and said: “Tehran and Doha have common positions in various fields, and the visit of President Ra'isi can enhance social and cultural relations between the two nations.

 Describing education and technology as one of the fields of cooperation between Iran and Qatar, he said, "Both countries have made good progress in various scientific fields and the cooperation of scientific centers will help improve the technological economy in the two countries."

The regional expert considered that the establishment of local security in the Persian Gulf is one of the areas of cooperation between Tehran and Doha and added: "Importing security and relying on foreign powers will not lead to permanent security in the region and cooperation between Iran and Qatar can create the ground for providing sustainable regional security.”

The country's energy geopolitics strategy must be provided

Akhbari assessed Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a basis for strengthening Tehran's relations with Eurasian countries and said: The thirteenth government through setting useful and transparent customs and trade decisions and strengthening transit routes especially the completion of the North-South corridor will earn good income from trade with the countries of the Eurasian region.

He called for the development of a geopolitical energy strategy by the thirteenth government, adding: "Because of the lack of a geopolitical energy strategy, the Americans were able to impose sanctions on us in the field of energy and harm the country's economy."

In addition, he said "We must be able to stand with other gas exporters like Russia and take advantage of the energy transmission lines in the north of the country as well as the gas transmission lines to Europe."

He called on Tehran to play a more active role in the Council of Gas Exporting Countries and added: "If we supply energy to other countries, including Europe, our security will be tied to their security and this will be very effective in eliminating threats against the Islamic Republic."


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